Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Audrina : Really Feeling All That Global Warming

Soooo....I'm not dead. Just in hibernation. And might I add - for good reason.

No, I am not with child. I'm awaiting the arrival of the genetic masterpiece that is Gisele and Tom Brady's baby to arrive. That way - I can see if the old adage of two good looking people always have an unattractive child holds water. If they can't make it happen, then the News Readin' Husband and I have got ZERO shot. But, I digress...


In my usual morning cruise around the interwebs, I stumbled upon this image of Audrina Partridge of the Hills (and sundry naughty photo fame.) Oh, and she used to not have an upper lip.

Look at you, muffin! LA girl just doin' a little shopping in NYC. West Coast style in full effect...Fun knit cap and...bare arms?! Really?

Yes, it was mild. 57 degrees. But, 57 degrees in Manhattan is slightly different feeling than 57 degrees in LA. Look around sweetie. Everyone else on the street is hunkered down in some sort of clothing that covers the arms. After all, it is December.

Maybe I'm not giving enough credence to your furry vest.
(BTW - Is that Chewbacca or Scottish Highland Cattle?)

Either way - exotic!

As my mother would say, are you trying to catch your death walking around like the Breath of Spring? Like you, I would fiercely deny any chill. And you are wearing a hat.

Enough silliness. Those sticks for arms could use a leetle insulation. Now run along, and go grab a mini leather jacket somewhere.

You didn't go through all that trouble of inflating that upper lip just to cover chattering teeth!
Give my best to Justin Bobby and co.

Air kisses,

Mrs. NR

We now return to your regularly scheduled program.