Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This just in: Domino to Shutter

So, so, so sad.

The March issue of Domino will be the shelter mag's last.

Read more here.

I'm too distraught to write anymore.

Off to throw myself on flea market find, reupholstered with Lulu DK Chant in Beige...
(Thanks for the inspiration dear, Domino...)

On the verge of tears and/or consuming several vodka drinks,

Mrs. News Readin'

Sunday, January 25, 2009

It's in the bag

If you are like me - you are ready for spring. Mainly because if I have to decide between which cashmere crewneck/cardigan/turtleneck/t-shirt to wear everyday for another eight weeks, it's going to get ugly around here.

This bag reminded me there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Ann Taylor. (I know - they've been surprising the heck out of me lately, too!)

Best part...on sale for $39.99.

And if yellow or cute bags are not your thing, they have these lovelies:

Gelsi Flower Flat in Blue Moon or Orange Peel.

Guess what? On Sale for $39.99.

I feel better already!

Happy Spring Shopping,

Mrs. News Readin'

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Grey Gardens: What could have been reality tv's finest moment.

First, grab a vodka gimlet. This is a long post. My apologies...

One of my all-time favorite train wreck type viewing pleasures is the 1975 documentary, Grey Gardens, about Edith "Big Edie" Ewing Bouvier Beale and her daughter Edith "Little Edie" Bouvier Beale, aunt and first cousin of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis and her sister, (once Princess) Caroline "Lee" Bouvier Radizwill. (Gah. That was a lot of names to type.)

The documentary is named for the dilapidated 28- room beach house the two shared along with raccoons, legions of cats (and a variety of other unsavory house guests of the scurrying kind) on West End Avenue in East Hampton's Georgica Pond area.

Grey Gardens ca. 1915

To give you a frame of reference - if the Beales were alive today, their neighbors would include Steven Spielberg, billionaire Ron Perelman and until recently, Martha.

The eccentric (read: crazy) mother daughter duo lived in the rambling house in almost total isolation. Their bizarre and rather unhealthy lifestyle was brought to light after a series of visits by the Suffolk County Health Department lead to a New York Magazine cover story in 1972. It was only then, that their more famous relations provided the necessary funds to repair the home in order for it to meet Village codes. (!)

Little Edie in the mink and Big Edie seated, in a still from Grey Gardens, 1975

Their story prior to 1975 is way more interesting than the living in Easthampton squalor.
Little Edie claiming that had Joe Kennedy, Jr. not died in the war that she would have married him and become First Lady - not cousin Jackie...Big Edie pulling her out of school for two years claiming that she was too ill to attend but taking her on a shopping trip to Paris and the legend that Little Edie lit her own hair on fire so that she would never be beautiful to anyone but her beloved mother...this also lends an explanation (albeit, murky) to the ever-present head kerchief.

If you are wondering where I am going with this...we've arrived.

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Lange recently worked the red carpet at the Golden Globes, drumming buzz for their HBO movie, Grey Gardens to air in April 2009, based on the lives of the Beales.

This is not the first act of homage to the grande dames of Grey Gardens - although I'm sure it required more hairspray to promote (Drew, I'm talking to you dear) than any of the other productions. The most critically acclaimed was a Tony award winning musical starring Christine Ebersole.

Something tells me that neither Drew or Jessica are Emmy or Golden Globe bound for their portrayals. But, I've been wrong before...(Brad and Jen are going to be together forever - the tattoo on your ring finger kind of together forever.)

Grey Gardens restored , 2003.

Big Edie died in 1977 and Little Edie sold the house for mere pennies in 1979 to Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee and his wife, Sally Quinn. The couple have completely restored the home and grounds.

The Beales never made a dime off of the documentary, but did become (in)famous. It makes me think if this were to happen today, they would have a reality show, at least two appearances on Oprah and Nate Berkus would be re-doing their kitchen complete with a cat door.

Sometimes truth is much more entertaining than fiction.

Thanks for indulging me...Stay tuned.
Coming up next: DIY with the Anchorman.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My name is...and I'm addicted to...

I ran out of lip balm yesterday. I know, I know. You are thinking no big deal.
For me it is a Big Deal. Pucci shift dress at Off Saks for $39.99 - big deal. (True story to be told at a later date.)

So, there I was in Sephora - lips parched from moisture deprivation - in the checkout line, gripping the last two in the store. Glory be.

Cashier: "How old is your baby?"
Me: "Errr...I don't have any children."
(head swiveling around like an owl, making sure there were no mini stragglers about...)
Cashier: "Oh, this is baby stuff."
Me: "Right. But, I use this as lip balm."
Cashier: (rather loudly) "Reeaallyyy?? Isn't it for a baby's bottom."
Me: "No, not specifically."
Cashier: "That's wild. How did you know to put it on your lips??!!"
Me: "Because it says you can on the tube."

Swipe my rewards card and give me my damn balm before I have a meth-head freak out.

Warning: Once you go down this road, you can never go back.
Mustela Hydra-Stick, the crack-cocaine of lip balm.

If using it on my lips is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

When bad things happen to good News Readers.

This Inauguration coverage seemed like Spring Break for big time news readers with cushy network gigs. (When is the last time you covered a school board meeting, Campbell Brown? Exactly. Cushy.)

Unfortunately, Mr. News Readin' was stuck here in City K - keeping it real. Today he went to a rally to interview people who were watching the inauguration. On television. In a hotel.

He was displeased to say the least. Especially since a lesser talented reporter from his station scored a tag-a-long gig with a news team out of Sacramento to cover the festivities in D.C. (In the land of news, this means she probably used to sleep with the news director at that station and in order for him to avoid any legal action he is now forced to let her ride his coattails, so to speak.)

At least she didn't make this egregious decision...


Millions of American will be watching and for years will recall your coverage of this historic event. Also, probably a bright, shiny moment professionally. Surely to be in your sample reel - that your agent will shop around to get you a better gig.

And you decide to have a Blossom moment.

Where's your best friend Six when you need her?

We now return to your regularly scheduled program.

A News Readin' Wedding Belle

Mr. News Readin' s sister called us Friday night to share some exciting news - she's engaged!
We are so happy for her and her sweet fiance.

Mr. NR and my mother-in-law have gone into full wedding planning mode. We are averaging about two phone calls a day, and probably an email or two off my radar.

It looks like an early fall wedding and Mr. NR wants to make sure it doesn't interfere with:
- SEC football watching
- Sweeps - the time of year when news stations make big deal out of things like garbage collection and city employees using their city-issued cars to road trip it to Tunica. News readers are not allowed to take any time off during these months - no exceptions.

And me? Well, I'm keeping a low profile until my assistance, advice or attendance are requested or required.

I did pick-up my standard newly-engaged gift for her.

From Mottahedeh.

One was given to me when I got engaged. Reading it every night before I place my rings in it, just makes me smile.

I hope it will make our Wedding Belle smile, too.

More at 11.

Monday, January 19, 2009

How to impress friends: Inaugural Fun Facts

Well, Happy Inauguration Eve! Whether President-elect Obama is your guy or not, it is a very exciting moment in both American and presidential history. And in just 12 short hours he will officially be the 44th President of the United States of America.

Now let's get to the important stuff...

To celebrate this event, our local cupcakery has put together a Presidential cupcake combo including; a pina colada cupcake honoring his Hawaiian birthplace, a marble cupcake with chocolate frosting called Mr. Chicago and the White House cupcake - fresh raspberries in white cake topped with blueberry buttercream.

I ordered a mixed dozen of the bite-sized mini versions to enjoy tomorrow night with friends, who are seeking solace in food. Mr. News Readin' is totally annoyed that I am buying into the hysteria. We'll see what song he's singing when faced with a mini-Mr. Chicago...

Being a massive history geek, I thought it would be fun to share some inaugural fun facts that you can pass along as well-earned knowledge at the next cocktail party. (I know you were really hoping for a cupcake...)

Inaugural Firsts

  • George Washington's was the shortest inaugural address. Only 135 words!
  • William Henry Harrison's was the longest inaugural address, consisting of 8,445 words in 1841. He spoke for over two hours in frigid weather without an overcoat. He died just 31 days into his presidency and many blamed it on his inaugural weather without a coat. (Probably not the case. Most likely a common cold.)
  • The first inaugural ball was held for James Madison in 1809.
  • John Quincy Adams was the first president sworn in wearing long trousers in 1825.
  • Warren G. Harding was the first president to ride to and from his inaugural in an automobile in 1921.

Presidential Weather

  • Between 1789 and 1993, 35 inaugurations enjoyed clear weather.
  • During ten inaugurations it rained, and seven had snow.
  • The warmest inauguration was Ronald Reagan's first on January 20, 1981. It was 55°.
  • The coldest was Reagan's second on Jan. 21, 1985. It was 7°.

Passing the Torch

All but six presidents took the presidential oath in Washington D.C. The exceptions were:

  • George Washington - 1789, New York City; 1793, Philadelphia
  • John Adams -1797, Philadelphia
  • Chester Arthur - 1881, New York City
  • Theodore Roosevelt—1901, Buffalo
  • Calvin Coolidge —1923, Plymouth, Vt.
  • Lyndon Baines Johnson —1963, Dallas

The U.S. capital had not yet been transferred from Philadelphia to Washington, D.C. when Washington and Adams were sworn into office. The District did not become the seat of government until December 1, 1800.

Arthur, T. Roosevelt, Coolidge, and L. B. Johnson had all been vice-presidents who assumed the presidency upon the deaths of their predecessors, and none was in Washington, D.C., when the oath of office was administered.

Only four retiring presidents have not attended the inaugurations of their successors. Those who were absent:
  • John Adams missed Thomas Jefferson's inaugural.
  • John Quincy Adams was not present at Andrew Jackson's.
  • Andrew Johnson was not present at Ulysses Grant's ceremony.
  • Richard Nixon was not present at Gerald Ford's inaugural.

Stay tuned for our upcoming special report on Presidential china. (Insert Oooohhhhh's and aaahhhh's...)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Taco Night Goes Glam

Every night we embark on a culinary adventure at the News Readin' household - chicken, salmon or Mexican. We are well acquainted with Old El Paso meal kits around these parts. (It is one thing that I have gained in marriage that I could easily live without.)

Mr. News Readin' is especially fond of the Gordita kit. It includes a sauce that is a color beyond nature, that tastes like a blend of ranch dressing and queso dip. Mmm...yum. I can feel myself retaining water as I type this.

Nothing beats his big grin when he realizes that shredded cheese can be incorporated into his dinner. Ahhh...the things we do for love.

Taco night or heartburn that comes in a little yellow box night, would be much more tolerable if we dined on these:

Olé! Peacock Eye placemats. (Also available in green.)

From Vivre. On sale.

More at 11.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Major Airlines: Take Note

In reading all of the accounts of yesterday's horrific landing of US Air Flight 1549 from LaGuardia to Charlotte - I hope major airlines gleaned an important detail.

The experience of age.

The pilot, Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger of Danville, Calif has 40 years of varied flight experience. An Air Force Academy grad, who flew F-4 fighter planes, he has 29 years of flying time with US Airways. In addition, he is an airline safety expert who has consulted with NASA and other organizations.

It's not uncommon in today's poorly managed airline industry for pilots with the experience (and salary) of Captain Sullenbeger to be forced into early retirement and faced with evaporated hard-earned pensions.

I for one, am willing to sacrifice warm Diet Coke and pretzels and pony up an extra $25 for the likes of Captain Sullenberger to remain employed and enjoy a rewarding pension upon retirement. A seasoned pilot who can land a damn Airbus on a river, surrounded by one of the world's most densely populated major metropolitan areas is worth his weight in gold. Or American dollars.

So put him on the luggage scale and let me know - along with the countless other pilots who have the knowledge and experience to keep us alive in times of crisis in the air.

They are payed to know what to do when things go horribly wrong - not to make sure we make our connection in Cincinnati in enough time to hit the Cinnabon. There is no greater example of this than yesterday's incredible outcome.

Blessings to Captain Sullenberger and I only hope my next flight is in the back of a plane handled by someone as equally poised and knowledgeable.

We now return to your regularly scheduled program.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bendel Wellies

I'm a traditionalist and not known to openly pimp labels. (Major endorsement deals aside, of course.)

However, this sole pair of footwear combine two of my many favorite things - wellies and Henri Bendel.

Also in citrus and red.

Each pair comes with a signature stripe canvas tote. Need I say more?

Hope the rain holds off for at least for 7-10 business days.

More at 11.

Somebody around here is Fabulous!

Oh, my!

The Lawyer's Wife has bestowed upon my humble leetle blog a "Your Blog is Fabulous" Award! Thank you so much, MPM.

I think the Lawyer's Wife is pretty darn fabulous and we would most definitely be sipping strong lattes at Starbucks together weekly - if we lived in the same county.

This fabulous award comes with a few rules:
Put the logo on your blog or post.
Nominate at least 10 blogs which you think are fabulous.
Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

My Fab 10:

Legally Blonde Mel - OMG. Refined snarkiness at its best!
Granny Smith Green - So lovely. A daily must-read for me.
The Preppy Princess - A fellow CAP and a wealth of information for all things preppy!
Coterie - Chic, chic, chic. Recently engaged, her wedding blog is my new obsession.
Toad - Love him. His affinity for well-tailored clothing reminds me of a certain husband.
Le Petite Blog - Her football season posts made me want to drive to Lexington to tailgate.
Biscuits are Never Boring - She would be the most wonderful neighbor.
Peyton Place - Start reading just so you can get invited to her annual Christmas party.
Scented Glossy Magazines - I had to stop reading at work. Couldn't risk laughing out loud.
and of course,
Happy Homemaker - I consider it a privilege to call her my dear, dear friend. (She's gated. Sorry y'all.)

Now I have to share five addictions. I'll keep it to those that are not currently being treated by meds and therapy.

1) laboratoire remède alchemy moisturizer

2) Raspberry Chipotle Salsa (amazing with Hint of Lime Tostitos)

3) Jo Malone French Lime Blossom

4) FAGE Greek Yogurt with honey.

5) Anchormen. Any and all - but particularly the one I have at home.

Thanks again MPM!


Mrs. News Readin'

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This just in...for real.

LIVE from the Breaking Newsroom

Here's an update on a story we've been following for you - just filed by our on-scene reporter, Leslie Ruth with affiliate Diary of a Southern Drama Queen.

Remember these idiots? Frontrunners for Parents of the Year:

Mr. & Mrs. Campbell and little Adolph Hitler

Apparently the state of New Jersey and the Division of Youth and Family Services decided that picking your kids' names out of the best-selling book "1,001 Nazi Names for your Baby" might be the tip of the iceberg of bad judgment calls.

According to the AP, the children were removed from their home. Details have yet to be released. You can read the full story here.

Sad, sad, sad. My heart breaks for those poor children.

Thank you to Leslie Ruth for that report.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

En Route: The Apocalypse

Every time I feel like we are making strides towards bettering America (Scrubs getting picked up by ABC) something else presents that makes me say, "Oh, well. Better get a mani/pedi before I have to reconcile my poor decisions with a higher power."

I experienced that moment when I caught a promo of this new show on WE:

Little Miss Perfect

About the Show: "Little Miss Perfect is a journey into the world of children's pageants. Each episode follows two families as they practice and primp—all leading up to the stress and joy of competing for the title Little Miss Perfect. Featuring Michael Galanes, national pageant director for more than 10 years."

Nauseated yet? It gets worse. The premiere episode sounds like a real nail biter - a hairsprayed to the hilt, more makeup than a South Beach trannie - nail biter.**

(Nothing but normal here...)

"Brandi Jean has just come off a big win, but this 9-year-old beauty queen already has her sights on the next crown. At age 8, Ashley is a pageant veteran and the reigning Little Miss Citrus. In this episode, the girls will face off on a crowded Orlando stage. Pageant mom Jean is hoping a Marilyn Monroe-inspired number will help Brandi "wow" the judges, while pageant mom Tina decides that Ashley should go "big" and creates a brand new routine with only 3 days left before the pageant–leading to late nights and last-minute stress The $1,000 prize is up for grabs and the pressure’s on... Who will win the coveted title of Little Miss Perfect?"

What could be worse than pitting two elementary-aged girls against eachother to the tune of "It's Raining Men"? It can't get worse...can it?

Yes, dear reader. It can get much worse.

Meet the Pageant Director, Michael Galanes. From his bio page:

"Michael is a graduate of Providence College, Providence, RI and quickly moved to Orlando, Fla. to work with whom else, but princesses at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom! Michael performed as a face character in parades and shows throughout the park. He worked as a model throughout the world with Pro Model Management in Athens, Greece. No stranger to beauty, Michael served as a state director for Miss Vermont USA/Teen USA, NBC/Donald Trump Productions."

What the hell is a "face character"?? And model. Storied career. Oh, and I'm going to go on record saying that Mr. Galanes is very much a stranger to beauty.

Sadly, I wish I could say I were a stranger to this sign of the approaching Apocalypse.
It premieres February 18 at 10 pm.

**Before you send me a bunch of hate mail about how pageants provide excellent scholarship opportunities and inspire strength and confidence in girls and young women - just save it. It's your child and you can manage your role as parent as you see fit. But, this is my blog and I can wax sanctimonious, as I see fit.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some Swapfest Sugar

Prior to the holiday madness, I signed up for Just a Girl's Swapfest. It seemed easy enough.

For example - there weren't too many rules and I didn't have to sew an apron using at least three different toiles. Perfect.

Truth be known, I sort of lost track of the whole Swapfest thing until a box showed on my doorstep on Friday. Hmmm...a gift in January after the Epiphany. Exciting!

Humorous card with hot bod holding an iron. Good pick, JAG!

A stocked purse organizer, which is the perfect gift for me. My purses tend to be the size of toddlers - so sometimes finding a lip gloss can be like taking the dark cart down into the coal mines.

Stationery supplies galore! Zebra print binder clips, OPI nail lacquer, scrubbing/smoothing essentials, lovely little pocket notebook...all so thoughtful.

My favorite thing is Olive's Ocean by Kevin Henkes. There is something so thoughtful about sharing books with people. I sincerely appreciate such a personal touch.

Thank you, thank you - Just a Girl!

The Animal Odd Couple: Tissues Required

A must watch for any animal lover!

My MIL sent this video - an installment of CBS News "Assignment America."

Steve Hartman is a great reporter/news reader and this might be one of his best pieces. Kudos to him for bringing us something that is uplifting and positive.

Grab a tissue. This is one of the sweetest stories...

Watch CBS Videos Online

Monday, January 12, 2009

News Readin's Attempt to Go Green

The News Readin' household does its fair share of dry cleaning - especially with Mr. News Readin's many costume changes and my inability to buy more Dryel sheets.

Mr. News Readin' although, a fabulous dropper(er)-off(er) of drycleaning - is not so great at what do with the plastic coverings once he decides to wear that garment for a full day of news reading.

I usually come home to find them strewn on our bedroom floor. (Yes. I agree. His obvious aversion to the recycling bin might be a great topic for an Oprah show - being the Best Life Whatever Week / I Can't Believe I let My Producers Talk Me Into This Topic Again and all.)

In my effort to green up a bit around these parts, I've invested in these:

The Green Garmento.

A garment bag for your freshly dry cleaned garments and that you can use to drop off laundry in, as well. Made of 100% fully biodegradable materials - it eliminates the plastic coverings and reduces the icky chem smell from your clothes.

Some dry cleaners have started using these across the board for all of their customers. Ours is not quite there yet - so I had to buy these directly from the website. You can score a free bag if you provide your dry cleaner's contact info and they're not using the Green Garmento.

Don't worry, I've already sent a very nice letter suggesting a more chic color palette and the availability of monogramming.

I'm all about participating in saving the environment - but a girl has to look cute doing it.

More at 11.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tibi Outlet Scores

During Christmas on the Coast, I made a stop at the Tibi outlet on St. Simons Island, GA.

If you are ever in that neck of the woods and like some deeply discounted Tibi - get yourself to Redfern Village and my little slice of heaven. Over the years it has gone from a fulfillment office/backroom - to a legitimate little shop. (I can remember trying on clothes in the bathroom before they actually had dressing rooms.)

On a few occasions, I've had the pleasure of running into Tibi designer and founder, Amy Smilovic, who hails from the Golden Isles. Once she even asked where I had gotten my sweater because she loved the oversized buttons. "Umm...H&M." To which she replied, "I'm doing big buttons next season. It's great looking."

I am NOT worthy wearing my $18.99 H& M big button festooned sweater.

Anywhoodle, this is what I picked up on my last trip:

Ragtime Short Sleeve Gem Dress in Black. Retailed for $396 here. Ha!
Scored at the outlet for $104.

Casablanca print skirt. Retailed for $248. Scored at the outlet for less than $50!
They had this print in a dress, but not in my size. Grrr.

I'm headed back at the end of the month with hopes that they will have more shoes in size 7.5.

Stay tuned.

Special Report: Game Night Recap

(My quickie centerpiece. I know. Underwhelming.)

We hosted our inaugural Game Night on Friday. Just a little background...We've lived here for a year and a half, have met people but, really have become friendly with just two couples. So, instead of waiting for some invitation to come our way - we put this group together. To keep it interesting we made sure that we asked couples that really didn't know each other.

And was it interesting. I'm going as far as to say it was a resounding success based on these points:
  • One of our Table Topics icebreaker questions - "What's the difference between good sex and great sex?" The Pilot in our group answered, "Attention to detail." Consider the ice broken.
  • 10 people...a bottle of Jack, a bottle of Glenlivet, 1/2 a bottle of vodka, all the the Tequila Touchdown punch, 20 beers and then we went to our neighborhood bar for last call. Seriously.
  • We actually played games. Taboo and Cranuim.
  • Man crushes developed among the five men in attendance.
  • Mr. News Readin' smacked another woman's ass during a spirited round of Cranium - and no one blinked an eye. Nice. Public office here he comes...
Thank you, thank you to all of you that answered my call for help. Here I was worried about the food! They really didn't eat very much. (How could they? All their time was spent drinking...) It ended up being:

Mini Roast Beef sandwiches - delicious, big hit!
Spicy Shrimp Cocktail - perfect with some alterations to the recipe
Cornbread Salad - yummy, but it just made too much
Spinach Artichoke Dip - a solid choice, that everyone seemed to eat
Veggies w/ Lemon Thyme Dip - the dip is so easy and really good!
Cheese Slaw - yummy, but it was just so much
Mini smoked chicken wraps - never made it out of the freezer (whoops!)
Mini lemon squares and dark chocolate brownies - store-bought, perfect sizes
Tequila Touchdown Punch - huge hit, had to make a second pitcher!

The food barely made it to the table before the first couple arrived. A 7:30 pm start time on a work day was cutting it really close. And I did so much prep work Wednesday & Thursday to avoid a panic attack! Oh well.

Mr. News Readin' was very helpful, aside from the fact that when I got home on Friday to find our bed unmade. (He gets up after I leave for work.) Glad I decided to make it up, considering everyone made a group trip to see the addition the previous owners (in attendance) made to the master suite. Note to them: When you host I'm going to tell everyone how organized your closets are...Two can play that game.

Everyone got along and enjoyed the evening. Of course as a hostess, you can think all of the ways things could have gone better.

No one had more fun than everyone's favorite News Reader. Understandably exhausted from his hosting duties (read: out drinking all of his guests), he did not make it out of bed until 4:45 pm yesterday.

Must be nice to not worry about clean up.

We now return to your regularly scheduled program.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Doppelgänger Alert: Barbara and Barry

It's Friday, so I'm going to keep it light.

Last night I had a nightmare that Barry Manilow was going to perform at my Game Night gathering. (For Mr. News Readin' this would have been a dream...I'm convinced he wishes my name were Mandy.)

For some strange reason, I kept calling him Barbara. Finally fed up, he screamed, "I'm not Barbara Walters!!"


Barry stormed out in all his merlot-colored velvet sportcoat glory, without signing my coveted CopaCabana t-shirt. Bastard. (True story - I attended another school's prom at the Copa. Jealous? Thought so.)

I woke up thinking - "I have got to stop eating Thai food so close to bedtime."
The second thought was, "Barry and Barbara? So, that's how they got him on the View."

What say you?

Mr. NR was totally offended, as he loves Barry and despises Barbara.

More at 11.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Anchorman: Illustrating the differences between the Sexes

Mr. News Readin' is not known for keeping all his friends' details in order. Doesn't really update cell phone numbers, no clue as to where they reside and don't even ask the name of the new baby. For someone who should be really into the details - he's not.

Someone has learned their lesson.

Some time ago, Mr. NR's friend Zach moved to Atlanta. Changed the cell, the email address and sent an email with new contact info - all the things a responsible adult does when they move. Yay Zach! Good job.

Mr. NR did not make note of Zach's contact info.

They don't speak consistently on the phone and really only communicate via email and texts during football season. It seems Zach's old number was finally recycled by the cell phone company and was in use by a man named "Dave."

Mr. NR has unknowingly been sending texts to "Dave" about his UGA Bulldogs and other sundry former frat boy topics - drinking and sports mostly. I'm sure the errant bosom pic was also part of his communications.

The last two messages were particularly amusing.

At the start of UGA's appearance at the Capitol One Bowl, Mr. NR wrote: "It's ON."
I'm sure Dave was thinking, "What's on?"

When UGA won, Mr. NR wrote: "At least we ended things on a good note."
Dave wonders - "Did I just go through a nasty breakup on blackout mode?"

One would think "Dave" might have grown tired of Mr. NR's shenanigans. But, it took Mr. NR calling Zach / Dave and hearing the unfamiliar tone of Dave's outgoing voicemail message for the whole thing to come to light.

My guess is the whole time, "Dave" just figured it was one of his degenerate friends that changed their number and he had neglected to update.

Bottom line:
No two women would let this little anonymous texting thing go on for over a year.

Oh, and if you get an errant bosom pic from a mystery number, let me know.

More at 11.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My favorite last little bit o' Christmas

The Adoration of the Magi, Peter Paul Rubens 1577 – 1640
Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyon

Western Christians have celebrated January 6 as the Epiphany, or the arrival of the Magi, for centuries. Growing up Catholic, for me January 6 signified that and the last chance for presents. Need I say what garnered greater importance for me at age 10?

My mother who is a full-blooded, hot-tempered Italian and a good Catholic - also incorporated La Befana into our holiday. For those who may be unfamiliar, La Befana is an Italian folklore figure - cross between a witch and a sweet granny. She leaves all the good children candy and toys, while the bad children get coal. For some reason, we always got three books. Hmmm...

Long story short - the Magi asked La Befana for directions to find the Baby Jesus. (That's a myth...ask for directions? Please.) She couldn't help them but offered shelter for the night.

When they departed, the Magi invited her to join them on the journey to find the Christ child, but she declined, saying she was too busy with her housework. (Typical Italian granny.) She later changed her mind and tried to search out the Magi and the babe, Jesus. Unable to find them, she now continues her search for the baby Jesus on the eve of the Epiphany.

Consider me your blogging La Befana - minus the granny part. (Wish I couldn't lay claim to being called a witch once or twice, but you knew better...)

Three of my favorite books for you:

Saints: A Year in Faith and Art. Beautiful book with interesting, brief descriptions of saints corresponding with their day of beatification and incredible art. Even if saints or art are not your thing - it will make my mom really happy if you crack the binding.

Ahhh...more familiar territory - sinners. Sin in the Second City: Madams, Ministers, Playboys, and the Battle for America's Soul is a great book about the most famous brothel in American history, the Everleigh Club of Chicago. (My mom would not approve.)

My Misspent Youth: Essays - Not my autobiography, but witty and dripping with sarcasm. Love her writing.

I know this was long. Thanks for hanging in there for this last little bit o' Christmas.

Now, bring on the king cake!

Mrs. News Readin'

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Resolution. Putting pen to paper.

New Year's Resolution #1: A handwritten note to my friends on their birthday.

I'm not very good about remembering birthdays. Sorry. (I wasn't even sure if mine was October 3 or October 4 until I was 12. True story.)

Thanks to Facebook, I know when all my "friends" celebrate their birth. Now I really have no excuse.

Since all of my besties reside far enough away that celebrating with them would require a flight, cards usually have to suffice. That's all changing.

Instead of sending a card or writing on someone's wall - it is my New Year's resolution to send a handwritten note to my dearest friends on their birthday.

Who doesn't like receiving a handwritten note? And why should it just be reserved for times of acknowledging gifts, gracious hospitality or offering words of comfort during grief?
A birthday is the perfect opportunity to tell someone you care for what they mean to you.

First things first...stationery deserving of such an important note.

These are all from The Printery:

They also have charming birth announcements. Just saying.

Have you made a New Year's resolution or resolutions? Do tell.

Mr. News Readin' seems to be keeping his. Tuesday will be the real test.

More at 11.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Calling all Marthas, Barefoot Contessas and the like...

Two things push me over the edge: packing for an extensive trip and entertaining in the casa de News Readin'.

Today I am pleading for your help with the latter.

On Friday, we are hosting the inaugural gathering of our game night group. (Yes, yes, I know - very exciting lives we lead.)

I am at a complete loss as to what to serve. My menu planning has gotten this far

Cheese Slaw with cornbread crackers
Cornbread salad
Spicy shrimp cocktail
Hot spinach artichoke dip with cracked pepper pita chips
Lemon thyme dip with vegetables
Mini roast beef sandwiches

Lemon squares
Dark chocolate brownies

Tequila Touchdown punch from Martha (See, I still need you girl!)

Is this enough for 10 people at 7:30 pm? Note: the invitation read nibbles and sips, so dinner is not expected.

Any suggestions? Do I need to add in another mini sandwich? I thought about mini pulled pork sammies.

Okay. I'm off to another baby shower armed with resilience from the wily ways of the Mommy Mafia and a set of Beatrix Potter books.

Thank you for your attention to my entertaining crisis. I need all the help I can get...

Looking forward to all your fabulous suggestions,

Mrs. News Readin'

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Stellar New Year

"For I dipped into the Future,
far as the human eye could see;
saw the vision of the world,
and all the wonder that would be."

- Alfred Lord Tennyson, 1842

2009 is the year of Astronomy.

Pretty exciting stuff, gang. To learn more click here.

Make plans to stargaze, visit a planetarium or join in their solar observation. Even if it's just once this year. In their words, "the universe is yours to discover."

Wishing you a stellar '09,

Mrs. News Readin'

We now return to your regularly scheduled program.