Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Anchorman: Illustrating the differences between the Sexes

Mr. News Readin' is not known for keeping all his friends' details in order. Doesn't really update cell phone numbers, no clue as to where they reside and don't even ask the name of the new baby. For someone who should be really into the details - he's not.

Someone has learned their lesson.

Some time ago, Mr. NR's friend Zach moved to Atlanta. Changed the cell, the email address and sent an email with new contact info - all the things a responsible adult does when they move. Yay Zach! Good job.

Mr. NR did not make note of Zach's contact info.

They don't speak consistently on the phone and really only communicate via email and texts during football season. It seems Zach's old number was finally recycled by the cell phone company and was in use by a man named "Dave."

Mr. NR has unknowingly been sending texts to "Dave" about his UGA Bulldogs and other sundry former frat boy topics - drinking and sports mostly. I'm sure the errant bosom pic was also part of his communications.

The last two messages were particularly amusing.

At the start of UGA's appearance at the Capitol One Bowl, Mr. NR wrote: "It's ON."
I'm sure Dave was thinking, "What's on?"

When UGA won, Mr. NR wrote: "At least we ended things on a good note."
Dave wonders - "Did I just go through a nasty breakup on blackout mode?"

One would think "Dave" might have grown tired of Mr. NR's shenanigans. But, it took Mr. NR calling Zach / Dave and hearing the unfamiliar tone of Dave's outgoing voicemail message for the whole thing to come to light.

My guess is the whole time, "Dave" just figured it was one of his degenerate friends that changed their number and he had neglected to update.

Bottom line:
No two women would let this little anonymous texting thing go on for over a year.

Oh, and if you get an errant bosom pic from a mystery number, let me know.

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Legallyblondemel said...

Ahahaha. So very true.

This reminds me of when I sent out actual printed moving announcements after my & the Anonymous Husband's last move. He saw me addressing envelopes & asked what I was doing. I replied, only to see his face go blank & him to inquire, "Why?" "Um, nevermind," said I.

PaperCourt said...

That is hilarious!

The Lawyer's Wife said...

That is hysterical ... and you are correct ... no woman would do that!