Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Resolution. Putting pen to paper.

New Year's Resolution #1: A handwritten note to my friends on their birthday.

I'm not very good about remembering birthdays. Sorry. (I wasn't even sure if mine was October 3 or October 4 until I was 12. True story.)

Thanks to Facebook, I know when all my "friends" celebrate their birth. Now I really have no excuse.

Since all of my besties reside far enough away that celebrating with them would require a flight, cards usually have to suffice. That's all changing.

Instead of sending a card or writing on someone's wall - it is my New Year's resolution to send a handwritten note to my dearest friends on their birthday.

Who doesn't like receiving a handwritten note? And why should it just be reserved for times of acknowledging gifts, gracious hospitality or offering words of comfort during grief?
A birthday is the perfect opportunity to tell someone you care for what they mean to you.

First things first...stationery deserving of such an important note.

These are all from The Printery:

They also have charming birth announcements. Just saying.

Have you made a New Year's resolution or resolutions? Do tell.

Mr. News Readin' seems to be keeping his. Tuesday will be the real test.

More at 11.


a. @ coterie said...

Great stationery! I am having such a difficult time trying to decide on wedding invites and color schemes - ugh!

Ana said...

This is a lovely resolution. Happy 2009!

Newlywed Hostess said...

I love the stationary you listed. I am obsessed with stationary. I enjoyed finding your blog and will be a new reader of your witty posts. Have a wonderful day!