Sunday, January 11, 2009

Special Report: Game Night Recap

(My quickie centerpiece. I know. Underwhelming.)

We hosted our inaugural Game Night on Friday. Just a little background...We've lived here for a year and a half, have met people but, really have become friendly with just two couples. So, instead of waiting for some invitation to come our way - we put this group together. To keep it interesting we made sure that we asked couples that really didn't know each other.

And was it interesting. I'm going as far as to say it was a resounding success based on these points:
  • One of our Table Topics icebreaker questions - "What's the difference between good sex and great sex?" The Pilot in our group answered, "Attention to detail." Consider the ice broken.
  • 10 people...a bottle of Jack, a bottle of Glenlivet, 1/2 a bottle of vodka, all the the Tequila Touchdown punch, 20 beers and then we went to our neighborhood bar for last call. Seriously.
  • We actually played games. Taboo and Cranuim.
  • Man crushes developed among the five men in attendance.
  • Mr. News Readin' smacked another woman's ass during a spirited round of Cranium - and no one blinked an eye. Nice. Public office here he comes...
Thank you, thank you to all of you that answered my call for help. Here I was worried about the food! They really didn't eat very much. (How could they? All their time was spent drinking...) It ended up being:

Mini Roast Beef sandwiches - delicious, big hit!
Spicy Shrimp Cocktail - perfect with some alterations to the recipe
Cornbread Salad - yummy, but it just made too much
Spinach Artichoke Dip - a solid choice, that everyone seemed to eat
Veggies w/ Lemon Thyme Dip - the dip is so easy and really good!
Cheese Slaw - yummy, but it was just so much
Mini smoked chicken wraps - never made it out of the freezer (whoops!)
Mini lemon squares and dark chocolate brownies - store-bought, perfect sizes
Tequila Touchdown Punch - huge hit, had to make a second pitcher!

The food barely made it to the table before the first couple arrived. A 7:30 pm start time on a work day was cutting it really close. And I did so much prep work Wednesday & Thursday to avoid a panic attack! Oh well.

Mr. News Readin' was very helpful, aside from the fact that when I got home on Friday to find our bed unmade. (He gets up after I leave for work.) Glad I decided to make it up, considering everyone made a group trip to see the addition the previous owners (in attendance) made to the master suite. Note to them: When you host I'm going to tell everyone how organized your closets are...Two can play that game.

Everyone got along and enjoyed the evening. Of course as a hostess, you can think all of the ways things could have gone better.

No one had more fun than everyone's favorite News Reader. Understandably exhausted from his hosting duties (read: out drinking all of his guests), he did not make it out of bed until 4:45 pm yesterday.

Must be nice to not worry about clean up.

We now return to your regularly scheduled program.


Ned said...

I want pictures! Sounds like a great party.

Happy Homemaker said...

Oh, sounds like such fun!!! Did I know you were a "gamer"??? I LOVE those two games- if you bring out MAD GAB, even better!!

Is it too late to call? I need some 'friend' advice.

PaperCourt said...

Sounds like quite the shindig!

News Readin' Wife said...

I'm anonymous. Remember?...and I can't afford to pay the News Readin' Husband's agent 4%.
No can do on the pictures. Sorry, girl!