Monday, January 12, 2009

News Readin's Attempt to Go Green

The News Readin' household does its fair share of dry cleaning - especially with Mr. News Readin's many costume changes and my inability to buy more Dryel sheets.

Mr. News Readin' although, a fabulous dropper(er)-off(er) of drycleaning - is not so great at what do with the plastic coverings once he decides to wear that garment for a full day of news reading.

I usually come home to find them strewn on our bedroom floor. (Yes. I agree. His obvious aversion to the recycling bin might be a great topic for an Oprah show - being the Best Life Whatever Week / I Can't Believe I let My Producers Talk Me Into This Topic Again and all.)

In my effort to green up a bit around these parts, I've invested in these:

The Green Garmento.

A garment bag for your freshly dry cleaned garments and that you can use to drop off laundry in, as well. Made of 100% fully biodegradable materials - it eliminates the plastic coverings and reduces the icky chem smell from your clothes.

Some dry cleaners have started using these across the board for all of their customers. Ours is not quite there yet - so I had to buy these directly from the website. You can score a free bag if you provide your dry cleaner's contact info and they're not using the Green Garmento.

Don't worry, I've already sent a very nice letter suggesting a more chic color palette and the availability of monogramming.

I'm all about participating in saving the environment - but a girl has to look cute doing it.

More at 11.


Ned said...

I love this idea!

News Readin' Wife said...

Glad you think so!

My dry cleaner thinks I'm a massive pain in the ass - but I just keep telling them that if they switched over it could save them so much money in the long run AND is a great PR move.