Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Audrina : Really Feeling All That Global Warming

Soooo....I'm not dead. Just in hibernation. And might I add - for good reason.

No, I am not with child. I'm awaiting the arrival of the genetic masterpiece that is Gisele and Tom Brady's baby to arrive. That way - I can see if the old adage of two good looking people always have an unattractive child holds water. If they can't make it happen, then the News Readin' Husband and I have got ZERO shot. But, I digress...


In my usual morning cruise around the interwebs, I stumbled upon this image of Audrina Partridge of the Hills (and sundry naughty photo fame.) Oh, and she used to not have an upper lip.

Look at you, muffin! LA girl just doin' a little shopping in NYC. West Coast style in full effect...Fun knit cap and...bare arms?! Really?

Yes, it was mild. 57 degrees. But, 57 degrees in Manhattan is slightly different feeling than 57 degrees in LA. Look around sweetie. Everyone else on the street is hunkered down in some sort of clothing that covers the arms. After all, it is December.

Maybe I'm not giving enough credence to your furry vest.
(BTW - Is that Chewbacca or Scottish Highland Cattle?)

Either way - exotic!

As my mother would say, are you trying to catch your death walking around like the Breath of Spring? Like you, I would fiercely deny any chill. And you are wearing a hat.

Enough silliness. Those sticks for arms could use a leetle insulation. Now run along, and go grab a mini leather jacket somewhere.

You didn't go through all that trouble of inflating that upper lip just to cover chattering teeth!
Give my best to Justin Bobby and co.

Air kisses,

Mrs. NR

We now return to your regularly scheduled program.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bon Voyage

We're off for a whirlwind trip to Spain for my childhood bestie's wedding.

Four days.
Seven pairs of shoes.
Six dresses.
A pound of jewelry.
A husband who knows ZERO Spanish.

And a new camera.


Be back on Monday with a full report.

Mrs. News Readin'

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Our New Addition

Calm down. The Mommy Mafia has not claimed me...yet.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest member of the News Readin' household - Simon.

Big Sister, Putter is still trying to figure out why we had to get another kitty.

I told her that instead of costing us money like her (open heart surgery, visits with a canine cardiologist, physical therapy for ligament damage, etc.) - he is earning his keep.

He's already killed two mice. Oh, and he's only four months old.

We are so proud!

Mrs. NR

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

"I carried a watermelon..."

If you are unfamiliar with this movie quote, then I recommend you scoot right along to the next post in your google reader queue.

For those reading this who are not communists and recognize the line that Baby utters to Johnny Castle at the after party in Dirty Dancing - we are meant to be friends. (Stick around. I give pretty good birthday gifts.)

"I carried a watermelon..." is exactly what I say when I find myself embarrassed by an item I may have blurted out for usually one of two reasons:

1) I've been over-served by a bartender or myself (more often than not it is by my own hand)
2) My Sweet & Thoughtful pills ran out and the real me shows up...gah. Hate those days.

We recently attended a very lovely 30th birthday party for a dear friend and member of our game night group. The sweet tea vodka flowed and I became a casualty of my own seemingly bottomless highball glass. The good news - I was sweet...not so much thoughtful.

There are five couples in our game night group. It's a well-balanced bunch. We've got a good thing going. No need to fiddle with the recipe. Right? Well, after four drinks this cook headed to the kitchen.

A very cute couple mentioned how they wanted to start their own game night group. I responded quickly - "Pish. We've done all the leg work...just to come to ours next month."

Fast forward an hour later- chatting with another couple, the Williams*, game night was again mentioned. And, I offered up an invitation to next month's gathering.
*Names have been changed to protect the boring and dis-invited.

Later on the nicest woman in our group (Daisy Troop leader, teaches Boot Camp every morning at 5 am, coaches her church's youth basketball get it) asked, "Did I hear you invite the Williams to game night? They are terrible."


So, I can only hope that they indulged in equal parts sweet tea vodka resulting in general alcohol induced memory fuzziness and will not be ringing the doorbell in a few weeks for our Connect Four Tournament.

Yet again - "I carried a watermelon..."

Mr. News Readin' let me know that if we are asked to leave the game night group he will formally protest and petition to retain his membership, but will accept my dismissal based on inappropriate conduct.

Thanks, dear. The support is overwhelming.

Stay tuned. More at 11.

**Edited to add: When I penned this - I had no idea it would coincide with the passing of Patrick Swayze. No one made dancing or the Catskills sexier and inspired millions to "try the lift."

Monday, September 14, 2009

Special Report: Size Denial

On a recent outing of the Breaking News Team to a local festival - I nearly went blind. After surveying the crowd, I decided we must live in a locale that is experiencing a severe shortage of mirrors. Although, not as life-as-we-know-it threatening as the dwindling water supply of metro-Atlanta, alarming nonetheless.

How could we have let this happen?!

Thank heavens I was wearing the biggest, darkest sunglasses my nose will support - otherwise I'm sure I would be writing this from the comforts of a hospital room with two black eyes and bruised ribs. What can I say? If ogling poor fashion choices were a sport, I would be Olympic.

Back to our special report...size denial is reaching epidemic proportions.

Main offenders:

Little Bags for Big Girls

In college, hippie girls wore them across their person to carry their well, patchouli oil and other sundry hippie girl supplies. You're an adult now and your little, itty, bitty handmade bag from Ecuador ain't cutting it. Additionally, the tiny shoulder bag stuffed to the gills with everything from an arsenal of lady products and your school coupon book needs to be retired. I know, I know..."But, everything fits in there..."

The bigger the bag, the smaller you look. So, size up.*

*Note: This of course does not apply to small, sleek and chic evening and envelope bags. So don't go sending any crazy comments about how you can't always carry a bag the size of a toddler. I know this - I just practice it in moderation.

The Seduction of the Smaller Size

My friend Catherine has fallen prey to this throughout her adult life. Regardless of how the garment fits - she will buy a size 4 because she cannot bear the idea of sizing up. Sadly, I have seen her split two pairs of pants and had the great misfortune of literally cutting her out of a Lilly skort. According to her it had a faulty zipper. Ummm...yeah.

Even though the smaller size fits, it doesn't mean its the right size. At the end of the day it is just a number. Jackie O wore everything one size bigger. For good reason.

Denim Gives

Good gracious is the greatest of myths! It seems that the 20 and under crowd are especially susceptible to the dread muffin top. Sure, those low slung jeans elongate your torso - but their restrictive sizing are also causing your flesh to spill over the belt loops.

For one- you cannot be comfortable! I want to unbutton my pants just looking at you. And sadly, you've paired your mis-sized denim with a form fitting t-shirt. Sweet. Baby. Jesus. What did we ever do to you?? Have you never heard of a babydoll top? Find one. Stat. At the very least...

One last thought on denim -if you think your bottom looks smaller without pockets - you are KIDDING yourself. Step away from pocket-less pants. PUH-lease.

This has been a special report - LIVE from my Perch of Perfection in the Breaking Newsroom.

We now return to your regularly scheduled program.


Mrs. News Readin'

Sunday, September 13, 2009

And, we're back.

We experienced significant technical difficulties this past month in the Breaking Newsroom.

Frankly, I felt that rather than put out half-hearted content it would be best to take a breather, a moment to get my act together and regroup.

Oh, and I was busy organizing my dream closet.

*All images courtesy of HalogenLife.

*Sigh* I wish...

Love the Hermès boxes across the top shelves and the steamer trunk dresser.

If I had a Mr. Big - this is the closet he would build me.

Stay tuned. More at 11. (I promise...)

Mrs. News Readin'

Friday, September 11, 2009


My thoughts about today remain the same today as they were one year ago and sadly - eight years ago. So, I am re-posting what I wrote one year ago today.

My heart still breaks when I think about the families that face marking another year without their loved ones. My heart breaks for this country that will never enjoy the same bliss of security. However, the strength of spirit and commitment to this country were never stronger then in the days immediately following September 11, 2001.

We should never let that wane - no matter how many years pass.

September 11, 2008

I wish today were just another day. I wish I didn't remember what I was doing seven years ago today. I wish I didn't know anyone who marks this day by going to a memorial service or visiting a place of final rest.

As an American and moreover a New Yorker - my heart breaks and tears well in my eyes when I think of the events of seven years ago and the services I attended following September 11, 2001. Listening to eulogies about amazing fathers, sons and friends who went to work like it was any other day.

For months afterwards, I would walk to work past St. Patrick's Cathedral and hear bagpipes and see firefighters or police officers lined up to pay honor to a fallen brother or sister in service. Groups of strangers would stand together in silence on nearby corners fighting back tears.

One of my dear friends lost her brother-in-law. Another friend lost his father and another - his brother. A girl I knew in high school lost her fiancé on one of the planes that hit the towers. A friend from college lost her dear friend, a flight attendant who picked up an extra flight when someone called in sick. My mother had a little boy in her preschool class whose father, a firefighter, stayed on after his shift finished - to go to the Towers.

It's not just another day. I do remember where I was and exactly what I was doing. And unfortunately, there are too many people attending memorial services and visiting places of final rest today.

Let us not forget this was not an accident or tragic natural disaster that robbed so many families and friends of just one more phone call, birthday party, Christmas morning, Thanksgiving dinner, goodnight kiss, births of children of grandchildren, weddings or just a funny email.

This was a deliberate, calculated and well orchestrated mass murder. We owe it to the families who lost so much seven years ago today, to never - never - never forget and seek justice against every last person involved, responsible or supportive of these acts.

But for today, here is a prayer that we can say for those who had so much taken from them on September 11, 2001:

An Irish Prayer in times of Sorrow

May you see God's light on the path ahead
When the road you walk is dark.
May you always hear,
Even in your hour of sorrow,
The gentle singing of the lark.
When times are hard may hardness
Never turn your heart to stone,
May you always remember
when the shadows fall—
You do not walk alone.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Crescent City Recap: Part I

One weekend in June, I headed to New Orleans for a bit of work, some play, retail therapy and plenty of epicurean indulgence. It was gorgeous.

The beauty of a city like New Orleans is that everyone is sweating - even the locals that are fully acclimated to 102 degrees with 87% humidity. Lightly patting your glistening brow takes on an air of sultry - even sexy. At least that what I kept telling myself...

My Friday was chocked-full of work, but upon cocktail hour - everyone remembered we were in New Orleans. We headed to Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House. The bartender convinced me as a Bourbon House virgin (go ahead - get your sixth-grade giggling out of the way) that I must have their famous Frozen Bourbon Milk Punch. Not my first draft pick for cocktail hour - but I enjoyed it very much. Think egg nog's lighter, yummier cousin.

If you are wondering what the N'awlins connection is to the distinctly Kentucky spirit, it's an interesting one. Read about it here.

We enjoyed an authentic Cajun dinner at Cochon. Usually I think of alligator in terms of accessories. But as they say - when in the bayou...devoured delicious fried alligator tenders. The pineapple upside down cake dessert may have been laced with crack cocaine. I almost ordered a second. Good lawd!

On Saturday afternoon I hopped on a street car to take in the Garden District and visit my only two retail destinations: Leontine Linens' flagship store and Hazelnut New Orleans.

With our Wedding Belle's upcoming nuptials, what better excuse to pay a visit to Leontine in search of the perfect wedding gift. Mission accomplished!

Thanks to the sweet Brooke at Leontine, who narrowed my focus and provided a much needed glass of water and a lunch spot recommendation.

My apologies for the poor photography - but I don't have the same photographic flair as Sippycups.

If you think I strolled back to my hotel without picking up a little something for moi - well, you know better.

Hazelnut New Orleans Toile coasters (fabric pictured above)

Love having the reminder of the Crescent City during cocktail hour in City K!

Stay tuned. More at 11.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well played, Tory.

I am about to go where very few have gone before...Tory Burch just doesn't do it for me.

Let's review all the reasons why I should be brandishing just about everything from TB.

Cute prints: check.
Flattering cuts: check
Darling accessories: check
Generally overpriced unless scored on Outnet, Gilt or the like: check

So - why don't I lurrrv her like (seemingly) everyone else?

Maybe it's because I feel like she raided my grandmother's closet, took copious notes breezing through cocktail party photos from the early '70's, stuck a gold insignia on it and then convinced Oprah she was better than Spanx.

And I'm envious that I didn't beat her to it.

Then I spied these:

A sucker for the color, the python print leather/suede combined with the comfort of a flat - I'm considering being that girl and pre-ordering for fear come Fall they will be a retail memory.

Well played, TB. But, consider this a "wanna grab a drink" text from a potential suitor - definitely not a weekend escape to the Seychelles with your sugar daddy. I mean...we just met and hardly know each other.

I'm not that kind of consumer.

Stay tuned. More at 11.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paging Joy: Your Party Waits in Arrivals

Lately I've had the pleasure (or displeasure) of spending time in airports. Fun destinations aside - airports are usually miserable places.

From the "easy" kiosk check-in which seems to take more time than the good old-fashioned human check-in process to the endless security lines, where measures that have been in place for eight years still take people by surprise - it all is just exasperating.

Note to the lady in Chicago that balked at having her massive aerosol can of hairspray and industrial size bottle of Jean Naté bath splash taken away...they did you a favor. Say thank you and head to the nearest Sephora to regroup.

And let me not fail to mention the oversold, delayed flight scenario that is more the standard than the exception. All in all - flying commercial couldn't be any less pleasant.

Which is probably why most travelers are, generally speaking, grumpy. Reeaaallyyy grumpy. I counted myself as one of those grumpy travelers until I read this piece from Chris Jones for Esquire.

Shared with me by a dear friend, who is a veteran traveler of the skies, it brought tears to my eyes and reminded me that happiness exists just beyond the confines of baggage claim.

I thought it was very share worthy...

Stay tuned. More at 11.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's not an Emmy. But, we'll take it.

Acknowledgement for a job well done in Mr. News Readin's real newsroom is tough to come by.

Yes - we joke that he merely touches up the bronzer, straightens the tie, clears his throat a few times and reads the teleprompter to the masses. In actuality, he does quite a bit of work and a whole lot of schlepping around to gain interviews and sound bites for our viewing pleasure.

July is sweeps. This means all of a sudden you are watching in-depth reports on bus driver drug use and the dangers of pools in the backyards of foreclosed homes. The good stuff...

The NRH sweeps story covered the transport of coal fly ash from a spill area not far from here to a very poor county in Alabama. And we're not talking about one train car of this stuff. More like 1.1 billion gallons that will take an entire year to remove.

For this fine moment of reporting he was awarded - drum roll, please...
the Reporter of the Week!

Here is a snippet from his News Director's email, which he forwarded me (big mistake):

For the first time in a while I can officially call the Reporter of the Week a “landslide winner. “
Mr. News Readin is this week’s winner for his “Ash to Alabama” stories.

First I’d like to give Mr. NR credit for coming up with this idea as his one sweeps suggestion for July.
(Our guy thought it was that solid he only submitted one! My! The confidence...)

His co-workers wrote:

“Anyone who watched it won’t forget the line “smells like money.”
“Any journalist who can get a politician to sniff fly-ash on tape is pretty good.”
“He asked the right questions, made excellent points in his stand-ups."

Others receiving votes this week:
Jill for her second massage parlor bust story and her substitute teacher lawsuit story.
Whitney -- for her follow-up on the local church that burned down.

(I left that last part in because for some reason it made me laugh...)

We are so proud...Of course there was a celebratory dinner last night - consisting of beer and cheeseburgers by special request of the honoree.

If they made bumper stickers that said, "I'm the proud wife of a Reporter of the Week" - it would already be on the back of the Tahoe.

Stay tuned. More at 11.

Monday, July 20, 2009

A Tisket, A Tasket

Who doesn't love a picnic? Well, me.

Love the idea of a picnic. Everything perfectly fits in adorable containers and off you go for a meal in the grass. It's the aftermath that makes picnicking - notsomuch.

If it weren't so irresponsible - I probably would prescribe to the Betty Draper guide to picnicking and leave everything behind. (Reference Mad Men Season 2 Episode 7 - brilliant.)

If you have hung out around here long enough, you already know the Breaking News Team is more about the gear than the actual activity.

To picnic - I probably just need the perfect basket. Right?

Voilà! How about a little red basket? Courtesy of Blyton and available at Dean & DeLuca.*

*Barefoot Contessa not included for preparations of perfect picnic fare. Damn.

Stay tuned. More at 11.

Being awkward has its rewards.

In the deep recesses of the attic, in a box of old family pictures - it lays there waiting for its moment to shine.

Maybe you were wearing your red Snoopy glasses and had just gotten your braces tightened...wait that was me.

Maybe your creepy Uncle Ned was lurking in the, wait - that's my bestie Hilary.

Regardless, we all have these photos tucked away hoping that they never see the light of day or make their way into the wrong hands for a rehearsal dinner photo montage.

Now you have bigger things to worry about. Those embarrassing "Why the hell was I wearing a selection from Bill Cosby's sweater collection with stirrup pants and hi-top Reeboks?!" pictures have a purpose.

A website devoted to others laughing at your awkward moments:

Be prepared to spend about 20-30 minutes cruising through other's photographic misfortune - and secretly hoping you don't stumble upon your own.

We now return to your regularly scheduled program.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Let Freedom Ring...or Liberty...or Independence

Happy Fourth of July!

The Breaking News Team is basking in the warm glow of the sunny, south Georgia coast.
Life can be so tough sometimes.

We are working on this story for you: Fourth of July served up Sea Island style. (Think starred and spangled to the hilt...) Stay tuned for a full report.

In the meantime...stumbled across these fun facts that you may or may may not find interesting.

Fourth of July (Inspired) Fun Facts

* Thirty places nationwide have "liberty" in their name.
* The most populous one is Liberty, Missouri (26,232).
* Iowa has more of these places than any other state:
four (Libertyville, New Liberty, North Liberty and West Liberty).
* Eleven places have "independence" in their name.
* The most populous of these is Independence, Missouri, with 113,288 residents.
* Five places adopted the name "freedom."
* Freedom, California, with 6,000 residents, has the largest population among these.
* There is one place named "patriot" — Patriot, Indiana, with a population of 202.

And as we celebrate of our nation's independence with friends and family, let us remember all those who have served and are serving to protect our freedom, our rights and safeguard this great country. A BIG thank you to those men and women!

Enjoy a safe holiday and we'll be back with a full report!

Mrs. News Readin'

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sound bite of the Week

When covering local news, especially a story that involves a crime, natural disaster or "The Man" sticking it to the little guy - a news reader always looks for the person who is jockeying to provide commentary or an eyewitness account.

More often than not, these folks are dying to be on TEEvee, no matter what the scenario and believe they were born ready for their close-up.

They usually resemble a "before" in a "before and after" montage for a cosmetic dentistry practice or is the type of person that gets ambushed for a makeover show at an amusement park, while eating a deep-fried turkey leg.

Many times they are without a shirt or the proper underpinnings to support their bosom. Often accompanied by a family member or members, that stand behind them during the interview making faces or shouting, "Hey Granny!"

If you have no idea who this person is - you are this person. So keep on keepin' on, because you make for some stellar local tv moments.

And now to our sound bite of the week.

The News Readin' Husband was covering an inordinate amount of rescues a local fire department had to perform on a swollen river. The recent rains in this neck of the woods has caused an otherwise lazy river to become rapid. A favorite spot for tubing, many have found themselves tossed over and requiring the assistance of the authorities.

This scenario baffled me.

Me: "Why are the companies that rent these tubes not cautioning people or not renting them at all?"
Mr. NR: "It's not their job to play lifeguard and they don't own the river."
Me: "Well, why isn't there some flag system - like on the beach in Mexico. I mean hell...if they can deter spring breakers with a black flag..."
Mr. NR: "There isn't one entry point and it's an ineffective system for this type of body of water."
Me: "Certainly the city or the county should be able to do something...a law, an ordinance...something"
Mr. NR: sliding into his South Georgia accent -"Honey, you can't legislate stupid."

All of a sudden I had a vision of him in his suit without a shirt, chomping down on a deep-fried turkey leg.

Someone has been spending too much time amongst the people.

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Love: Nineteenth Century Style

Happiest of Fridays, gang!

Stumbled across the Advertising for Love blog recently and it made my inner historian giddy. Written by a PhD in history candidate (so, she's like wicked smaht...) the blog chronicles nineteenth century personal ads.

Sounds boring? Me thinketh not.

Imagine the romance of opening the morning dispatch to see a message from the man who caught your eye as you were gliding about town or a secret message from the one night stand whom you feared would never contact you again...

Her post today is especially amusing, so do stop by and have a read.

Nineteenth Century love and lust is some good stuff!


Mrs. News Readin'

Be back in a bit with a full report from my adventure in the Crescent City - Leontine Linens, Hazelnut New Orleans and food - glorious - food!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Perils of Posting

The interwebs can be a wonderful place where you can find out Bradley Cooper's major at Georgetown, where the best Thai food in Boston can be devoured and keep in touch with your not so nearest and somewhat dearest with Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc.

My how small the world has become in just a few years!

We keep things relatively anonymous in the Breaking Newsroom. Mainly because I can't afford to pay Mr. News Readin's agent 4% for using his mug for mass consumption. True story. That guy is a piranha - but gets the job done.

Many of you do share images of you, your family and friends. Well - you may just find yourself emblazoned on outdoor boards in a foreign country if that Kodak moment is commercial print quality.

Check out this Mommy blogger's story.

Needless to say after that tale - the Breaking News Team will remain faceless. And if you can't take the suspense...I've got six spots left on Facebook before I shut 'er down. I'm serious. (Email me: mrs dot newsreadin at gmail dot com)

Not sure how I would feel if that happened to me and my family? What about you?
Inquiring minds would like to know...

Stay tuned. More at 11.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Seersucker Thursday Y'all

And you thought it was just another Thursday...pish!

Anyone who has spent a summer moment in D.C. knows how the heat can be downright oppressive. Prior to the God-send of air conditioning, senators hailing from the South shed their wool black frock coats for lighter linen and cotton attire. Northern colleagues took note.

In 1909, New Orleans clothier Joseph Haspel made summer wear more comfortable by designing a light-weight suit in pale blue and white striped rumpled cotton fabric.

He named that fabric "seersucker," a cotton that was based on a silk derivation from India popular during the British colonial period. In Persian it is called "Shir Shakkar," which loosely translates into "milk and sugar." The milk described the smooth parts of the material, while the sugar was a metaphor for the texture commonly referred to as "dimples" or "puckers."

Seersucker suits became widely popular because of their wash and wearability, made very necessary in the humid summer.

In the late 1990s, Mississippi Senator Trent Lott revived the long-forgotten Senate tradition. Selecting a day in June to be designated Seersucker Thursday, Senator Lott along with several other Southern Senators donned their seersucker. Three cheers for Trent!

Trent third from left. Lovin' that pink tie!

Today, senators happily make this annual fashion statement in the spirit of harmony. Imagine that? It is also a gentle reminder to their colleagues of what Senates from days past considered proper (read: required) summer attire. Ahem.

All in favor...?

Yours relishing this fashion/political history moment,

Mrs. News Readin'

We now return to your regularly scheduled program.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some things I will never understand.

I will never understand why Robin Givens married Mike Tyson. Or why Brad Pitt dated her for a minute, either.

I will also never understand why hamburger and hot dog buns are sold in different quantities than the actual meat products. Conspiracy on the part of commercial bakers? Probably.

I will also never understand why Hollywood starlets (or those that purport themselves to be) - who take extreme measures to maintain youth, beauty and above all - a body to rival that of a (somewhat) lazy anorexic - wear clothing that any normal human being would consider fug.

Yet you, young starlet, are duped to believe it is "fashion forward."

Come, now. Really?

Case in point:

Have you ever played that miserable game at a wedding shower when a team has to make the best wedding dress out of a roll of toilet paper? Looks like sweet Kirsten drew the short straw and Laura and Kate Mulleavy found some sparkly gray tp for this dress from their Rodarte line.

And what can I say about the peep-toe shoe booty business with buckles? I can say U-G-L-Y.

Kirsten, Kirsten, Kirsten...honey. Bright side - the Ferragamo clutch - is perfection.

In closing: call Rachel Zoe. Yeah - she'll make you feel fat - but better looking than this.
You might even achieve bananas.

Big hug,

Mrs. NewsReadin'

Monday, June 15, 2009

Spreading the Love.

This little blog began after move number three in five years. I had hit rock bottom - being without any family or friends in a brand new town - yet again. Hence, the Wanted Good Home...a little place with familiar faces, laughter and a life.

I had no idea that I would find that sense of community amidst the blogosphere. So many incredible people sharing their lives, their finds, their anecdotes and most surprising - their appreciation and enjoyment for what you are putting out in the world. It's amazing how quickly a stranger can turn into a friend - without you ever having met...

So, with that I need to acknowledge two very lovely and favorite bloggers of mine who thought enough of what happens in this neck of the blogging woods to bestow these two awards...

Many, many thanks to THE Preppy Princess for the Queen of ALLL Things Awe-Summm Award!! The Breaking News Team will try desperately to live up to this tremendous honor. We think The Preppy Princess is quite Awe-Summm, as well.

As the newly crowned Queen, I am obligated to do the following:

1. List 7 things that make me Awe-Summm!!!
2. Pass this onto 7 bloggers.
3. Let those bloggers know that they have been tagged.
4. Link to Her Majesty who tagged me.
5. Copy the picture onto my sidebar to let the world know I am the Queen! (Not sure if I can manage this...)
Seven things that make me Awe-Summm!!! *

Let's just say these are seven things about myself I'm not embarrassed to share.

1. My Grandmother is 87, still wears heels, drives and goes to the office three days a week.
Having her genes alone makes me awesome.
2. A husband who makes me laugh
3. A best friend that has never judged me
4. Great hair
5. My sarcasm which, along with my great hair, has gotten me through life
6. Being able to recite almost every line from Heathers, Steel Magnolias and 9 to 5 - as if they were the Lord's Prayer.
7. Knowing that life is long distance race - not a sprint

We are also directed to tag 7 people:
(in no particular order)

1. Buford Betty

Second, a very big, "Why, thank you!" to Sara over at This Beautiful Thing. She is such a sweetheart to think that the Breaking News Team exhibits an attitude of gratitude. I know - she's way too generous.

So, how have I come to have an attitude of gratitude?

Not sure if I can claim a consistent attitude of gratitude, but I will say that I have learned to always to appreciate people and places for who and what they are and not enforce my "Well, in New York..." standard. Let me illustrate - Western Nebraska. Not exactly Paris. But while living there, I day tripped it to the Black Hills of South Dakota, left my door unlocked and ate the best steak of my life for $10 in a dingy bar with paper napkins. All great life experiences for which I am grateful.

The Rules of Accepting and Sharing this Award

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs that show an attitude of gratitude.
3. Link to your nominees within your post.
4. Comment on their blogs to let them know they've received this award.
5. Share the love and link to this post and the person who nominated you for the award. Tell us how you've come to have an attitude of gratitude.

We are tagging the following bloggers for their attitude of gratitude:

1. Granny Smith Green (Granny, I know you just received this from another blogger - but I had to give you a shout out!)
2. One Fabulous Mom
3. Le Petite Blog
4. Kikibee
5. Abnormally Normal
6. Clemson Girl
7. The Pink Clutch
8. Mes Petit Choux
9. Sippycups
10. Happy Homemaker

I know getting tagged can be sort of a pain, so don't feel obligated to post. Please know that I am just grateful to know all of you fabulous women!


Mrs. News Readin'

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Say Cheese.

Mr. News Readin' loves cheese. I mean really loves cheese. One of the highlights of his life was spending time in the cheese cave at Artisanal in NY. True story.

His taste ranges from the stuff that comes wrapped in impossibly difficult to open plastic sleeves to a tangy, mature Manchego.

Since it is National Cheese Day (What! You forgot to send the mass e-greeting?) - we are celebrating with a dinner of Natalie's Tuscan Chevre Salad - with cheese deliciously made in Elkmont, Alabama.

Fromagerie Belle Chevre has received a lot of attention over the past few years - especially under the ownership of the lovely Tasia Malakasis. (You may have caught her story in G&G...)

Image courtesy of Garden & Gun

Is she not just the prettiest (goat) milk maid? So wholesome...

If you are looking for some Belle Chevre of your own click here for retailers.

Yours in cheese-y goodness,

Mrs. NR

I'm putting out an APB...

Where in the world is Papercourt Ponderings?

One minute I was reading about her new kitchen back splash and the next thing I know - she's vanished!

If you have had a sighting, comment or any details regarding this disappearance, you are asked to comment on this post or email me: mrs dot newsreadin at gmail dot com. (Take that Ugandan hackers!)


Mrs. NR

Off the Cuff

It's been a little hectic around the News Readin' Household lately.

From the Wedding Belle's glorious engagement party on the coast, a very relaxing weekend in Cashiers, the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance and work - work and yes, more work - it has even been a struggle to assist the News Readin' Husband with the daily selection o' the tie - let alone think of suitable, witty content for consumption. (There is always plenty that is not suitable...)

Sorry, gang. Just trying to keep it real.

Speaking of helping our favorite news reader maintain a snappy appearance...

Spotted these on

Hobbs & Kent Inlay Cufflinks - on sale for $149.
FYI...they are also offering free shipping on all orders.

Could make for a very nice Father's Day or graduation gift.

Or in our case -
you're not a father and it took you five years to graduate (without a double major) gift.

Stay tuned.

Up next:
Getting around to return some blogging love
Special Report: Size Denial
and a Last Call for Wedding Belle Bridesmaid Accessory Suggestions

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow.

Last week during the Breaking News Team's (damn near) daily trip to Fresh Market, we were dealt an incredible blow.

The News Readin' Husband having just left the comfortable, herb-y smelling confines of the Aveda Salon, was perfectly coiffed but looking a little glum. Usually his post-snip self preens around and says things like, "My girl said that I should let it grow a little up top for texture." read right, "his girl."

After milling about the prepared food section disinterested in even macaroni and cheese, he finally offered up:

"Nicole might be leaving."

Quickly I ran through mental images of reporters or producers at his station. But, then I remembered - he cares little for his co-workers. No, dear reader, this was much worse.

"Her husband just got his MBA and can't find a job - so, they might leave City K."

Gasp. His girl aka hair stylist could be vacating her station at the salon - leaving our favorite news reader without someone to tame his locks.

Having just cemented his relationship with Nicole with his 12th visit, I knew this would take some consoling. After all - it was just over six months ago that he had to experience the dread "cut and run" from his stalker/ex-hair stylist.

Me: "Maybe you could start seeing my girl." (I know...but it's language he can relate to...not a time to get technical with hair stylist or actually use her name.)

Mr. NR: *Big sigh* "I guess, but Nicole knows exactly how to cut my hair. I just don't feel like starting over."

The Inside Voice: I hear ya' buddy and so do millions of American women who are dating mediocre men - but sometimes we just need to move on...

Mr. NR: "And besides your girl isn't a Master Stylist. I saw the list."

Me: "Is that why your haircut costs just $10 less than mine?!"

Mr. NR: "You get what you pay for..."


I've said it once - and I'll say it again...sometimes it's tough being married to a man who would look better in my Old Navy lounge pants, knows what concealer is, garners more interest from inmates than I do, and now added to that list...uses the term Master Stylist and references some secret list shared with him by the girls at the salon check-in desk. Seriously.

Stay tuned for more on this late breaking story.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Talking Dirty...

Laundry - that is...

(It's Monday morning. Did you really think I would be going there this early in the week? Clean it up, gang.)

Having two active men in the News Readin' household has left me with lots of dirty boy, gym laundry. Ick. Other than burning the multitudes of mesh shorts, there seems to be no detergent that gets them really clean.

Enter, Win Detergent.

The official detergent of the US Olympics Team? Say no more.

Have to say, I've been pretty impressed with the results.

Yours in Achieving Laundry Gold Medal Glory,

Mrs. News Readin'

Stay Tuned. More at 11.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Chef's Choice

I'm thinking about this for a chef friend's kitchen shower...

Index Chopping Boards - Damian Evans, 2007

The chopping boards are designed to avoid cross-contamination of food types: red/raw meat, white/cooked foods, blue/fish, green/vegetables. Stored in a sleek filing unit.

It's too cool for my counter top, but will work for hers...

Sous chef to chop and dice - not included. Bummer.

Stay tuned. More at 11.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

DIY Segment: It's 11:00 pm - do you know where your husband is...?

I'll tell you where mine wasn't tonight...home. Fixing stuff.

At 11:00 pm on a Wednesday, my husband was on a play date over at his friend, Clint the Bachelor's house. Clint recently bought a ping pong table and set it up in what should be his formal dining room. Good for him. Of course - Mr. News Readin' is totally envious of this quote "killer" set-up. So, he's spent the evening over there soaking up as much as beer drinking and ping pong he can manage on a school night.

Normally, I could care less about him drinking beer with his buddies. Not today.

Today I arrived home to find the top of our toilet tank in the middle of the bathroom floor, surrounded by our good towels. I'm no plumber - but this did not look like a good thing.

He told me that this morning he had been fiddling with something and a geyser of toilet water starting spraying everywhere. According to my brother - it's a quick fix with a $20 kit from Lowe's. Great!

So explain to me, oh love of my life, why your little self was pretending to be the Jan-Ove Waldner (Swedish Ping Pong Champion) of City K instead of fixing our toilet?

His response:
"I'm just going to call our guy tomorrow."

Let's get one thing straight dear - he is your guy. You helped pay for his pontoon boat. Your guy.
This go round - if he starts talking about the house he's building in Aspen, I will freak out. On the both of you. Consider yourself warned.

Yours with fingers crossed but absolutely no faith in having a working toilet by the weekend,
Mrs. News Readin'

Stay tuned. More at 11.

Friday, May 8, 2009

A Mother's Day What Not to Gift Guide

Mr. News Readin's lovely mother has a birthday that seems to squarely land on Mother's Day bi-annually. This year she is turning 60.

Guess who didn't figure this out until Tuesday night, while on the phone with his baby sister, our Wedding Belle? Their gift of choice: fruit of the month from Harry & David.

Seriously, gang? You still throw your dirty laundry down her laundry chute while home for the holidays...and she washes and folds it within minutes.

Fruit of the month?! Come on. That's what I sent our pet-sitter, Peggy, last year for Christmas.

So, our dynamic brother/sister duo went looking in a different direction.

The text read:
"I think we are going to get mom a schnoodle. What do you think?"

First I thought - you're getting your mother a German pastry? After a brief tour on the interwebs, I found out that schnoodles are poodle/schnauzer mixes. And super cute. See below.

I quickly responded to the text:
"That's a sh*t idea. She just barely unloaded you two."

Last night I overheard him ordering the monthly Tower o' Fruit.

Me: "You went with the fruit."
Mr. NR: "Well, I'm going to tell her we were going to get her a dog."

Nice strategy. Let her know it could have been much worse.

Stay tuned. More at 11.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Magic Words: Discount Designer Duds

Say it with me. Discount Designer.

Oh, do you see the skyrockets...similar to when Bobby Brady was kissed by Millicent on the Brady Bunch...

That's how I feel about

Hefty price tags abound. Make no mistake. But there are some really good deals in the mix.

Anna Sui Beaded Chevron Dress - Retail: $375 Outnet: $178.50

Kenneth Jay Lane Swarovski Crystal Cuff - Retail: $150 Outnet: $60

Tibi Velodromo Shift Dress - Retail: $355 Outnet: $177.50

Registered members can also opt-in for their 24 hour pop-up sales. The next one is a Bottega Veneta shoulder bag starting on May 29 at 11:00 am EDT.

Don't get me wrong - there is plenty of room in life's shopping cart for Tarjay and Forever21. These days, we (yes, LBM the dread pronoun) find ourselves thinking twice before swiping the card - no matter what the purchase.

So instead of buying the cheapy stuff that will be ditched after one season, shouldn't we invest in quality clothing, accessories and shoes. Sadly - I think my closet is worth more than my 401K these days. With me?

At least that's what I claim to Mr. News Readin' when boxes and bags appear and marriage math - rounding total of all purchases down - is quickly applied.

Stay tuned. More at 11.

Edited to add: My bestie informed me that this came off a bit errr...out of touch. Lord knows there is plenty of Old Navy in this closet. And I am not afraid of a consignment shop. Bottom line - I'd rather have two really wonderful cashmere sweaters that I wear to shreds - than 10 that won't last me three seasons. Discount websites help the cause.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Assigned Reading

Do you have a book that you could read a thousand times over?

Most avid readers have one or two that every few years they will dust off and read through once more to recall why it meant so much in the first place.

For me they are Persuasion by Jane Austen, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and D.V. by Diana Vreeland. As you can see my literally tastes run slightly shallow and vanilla - most were forced to read Persuasion and Gatsby in high school or college. Sorry.

Truth be told - if I could find my copy of Danielle Steel's Wanderlust, I would add that to this already impressive list.

But, if you haven't read D.V. - I highly recommend the sparkling autobiography. It's chocked-full of witty stories from the former fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar and editor-in-chief of Vogue. If only life were just that fabulous. Sigh.

So - what about you? What old friend do you turn the pages of time and again?
I'm always looking for new reads - especially during a slow news day...

Stay tuned. More at 11.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Late Breaking Story

Today I was feeling sweeter than normal and decided to give the News Readin' Husband a call during lunch to see what he was working on for our evening enjoyment.

Our conversation went a little something like this...

Me: Hey, what's the story of the day?

Mr. NR: Oh, just sitting at some health department press conference talking about swine flu. Did you know that pigs pass the flu virus - just like humans? Interesting.

Me: Did you ask if you can catch anything else from the little buggers? Or any other livestock for that matter? I mean, seriously. We need to know.

Mr. NR: (snidely) No, I did not ask if we can catch things from other livestock. I also didn't ask how fast a cheetah really runs. It was a press conference about swine flu.

Me: Whatever. Hmph.

And, scene.

Well, that's the last time I try to help him create the next media frenzy.

Off to figure out why we can't just call it pig flu,

Mrs. News Readin'

The Other May 5th Celebration

While you may be off swilling tequila to kill any traces of the swine flu and eating enough Mexican food to claim you actually have it - all in honor of Mexican Independence, of course...

The Breaking News Team is celebrating the other May 5th holiday.

It is our favorite news reader (aside from the husband) - Brian Williams' birthday. B-Dub, as he is affectionately called around the Breaking Newsroom, turns a crowd-pleasing 50 years old today.

I don't know if it's the new self-tanner or the never-repeated Carlo Franco seven fold ties, but our fair Brian is looking particularly handsome as of late.

We do love a news reader that doesn't take himself too seriously and is as comfortable on a late night talk show as he is scanning the ole' teleprompter Monday through Friday. And we would be remiss to not compliment his wit and comedic timing. (Did you catch his 30 Rock moment? In a word - brilliant.)

See?! He even gets along with those that mock him professionally. What a guy.

In honor of this auspicious occasion we will dining on a meal complete with all of B-Dub's favorite epicurean delights accessible in City K - from Cracker Barrel and Cinnabon. Sadly Le Cirque has yet to franchise in this neck of the woods, as hell has not frozen over.

So, cheers to Brian! One day older...and closer to vacating that highly coveted anchor chair.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Planning Genius

Welcome to another episode of Why the hell didn't I think of that?

It is time to eighty-six the sign-up sheet. Whether you are planning a volunteer effort, class helper schedule or in my case - a bachelorette party - it can all be accomplished on this one site:

Are you using this site? It's really genius! What I have found so helpful is you can provide a variety of dates for participants and they can check the dates and times that work for them - so that (you) festivity organizer can determine the best date.

No more multiple rounds of reply-all emails because, "that weekend doesn't work for me..."

It's like Evite's super organized, more detailed cousin. And who doesn't like that?

All of a sudden helping out is a little less daunting...

Happy planning,

Mrs. News Readin'

Stay tuned. Up next - America's Epidemic: Size Denial.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Belle Update

As some of you may know - Mr. News Readin's sweet sister is tying the knot in October.

She has graciously asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. At first I was just simply honored - but I am over the moon! Check out her bridesmaid dress pick:

It looks navy in the image, but it's really more of a cadet blue. And has pockets!

Every bridesmaid is relieved when the dress choice ends up being something they are not ashamed to wear in public or will be mistaken for a pageant gown or Halloween costume.

An illustration:

She would NEVER pick this...but I've seen some doozies lately that have been chosen by perfectly normal girls. For example - a lavender Grecian drape halter dress. Trust me. It is way worse than it sounds. And it sounds pretty bad in my opinion. (My poor friend Jennifer was subjected to such an atrocity.)

Back to our Belle.

Guess who has been charged with shoe and accessory recommendations? OMG. I'm so excited - I can't even take it.

So, let's hear it from those of you who frequent the Breaking News Room. I know you are chocked-full of chic suggestions. I've got a few of my own be posted at a later date.

I'm not kidding. You are officially being solicited for shoe and accessory finds. There may be some swag for my favorites...

Yours in Bridesmaid Bliss,
Mrs. News Readin'

Edited to add:
Contributing reporter Stereos and Souffles raised some good questions. Good woman!
The wedding ceremony is at 6:00 pm. The groomsmen are not wearing tuxes. Not sure if they have decided on khaki suits or tan trousers and navy sport coats. Flowers will be white.

Stay tuned for more Mrs. News Readin' takes over - ummm - I mean helps plan a wedding.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cookie Monster

Or should I say Monster Cookie?

The News Readin' Husband loves Oreos, but I'm confident this could equal death by double stuffed:

Yum or yuck? Not sure. But very willing to give it a try...

W-S is marketing this for your Mother's Day celebration. that really the best strategy to move these bad boys?

Imagine the scene: mom would end up cleaning the pan and consoling crying children when the big Oreo didn't visually live up to expectations.

There's got to be a better way to thank her for sacrificing hair appointments, her tennis game and life in general - to raise us. Like designer dish washing liquid or scented ironing water...
Just kidding, Mom.

Williams-Sonoma Goldtouch™ Sandwich-Cookie Cake Pan

No matter. I'm a big fan of novelty baking pans that take up precious storage space and are put to use once a year. Something about making a massive cupcake, just warms my heart and makes my body dance along the border of diabetic shock. Mmmm.

Stay tuned. More at 11.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Springtime Surprises Courtesy of L.L. Bean

Never once - ever - have I put cute clothes and L.L. Bean in the same sentence. Don't judge me. You know it's true.

Backpacks - check. Flannel tartan pajamas - check. Outdoor gear - the mecca. Boat totes - accept nothing but the original. Fun summer wear? Keep on looking...

Not so fast. Apparently someone in Freeport took a stand and declared,
"We must free ourselves from the frump!"

While breezing through their latest clothing for women catalog, I was pleasantly surprised by the perfectly preppy gear they are touting - rightfully so. All a little Boden-esque, minus the crazy graphics. I think you will be equally pleased:

Note: All images courtesy of L.L. Bean

Skyway Canvas Button-front Skirt in Sunburst

Haven Skimmers - also in an adorable pink and green print

Lattice Print Handbag - cute, cute with the skimmers and skirt above.

Petal Poplin Shirt, Polka Dot - love the surprise of pink stripe on the cuffs!

Madras Skort - usually skorts are my krytonite, but it's a commendable effort L.L. Bean

Coastal Macintosh Coat in Glen Green lined in pink and green lobster/crab print

Seersucker belt - perfect with jeans

Seersucker Jacket - slim fit, with three-quarter sleeves

If you are in any way impressed with the above, I highly recommend hightailing it over to their website - where plenty more await.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

Yours in renewed faith of a classic (with exemplary customer service),

Mrs. News Readin'