Friday, June 26, 2009

Love: Nineteenth Century Style

Happiest of Fridays, gang!

Stumbled across the Advertising for Love blog recently and it made my inner historian giddy. Written by a PhD in history candidate (so, she's like wicked smaht...) the blog chronicles nineteenth century personal ads.

Sounds boring? Me thinketh not.

Imagine the romance of opening the morning dispatch to see a message from the man who caught your eye as you were gliding about town or a secret message from the one night stand whom you feared would never contact you again...

Her post today is especially amusing, so do stop by and have a read.

Nineteenth Century love and lust is some good stuff!


Mrs. News Readin'

Be back in a bit with a full report from my adventure in the Crescent City - Leontine Linens, Hazelnut New Orleans and food - glorious - food!

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