Thursday, June 4, 2009

Say Cheese.

Mr. News Readin' loves cheese. I mean really loves cheese. One of the highlights of his life was spending time in the cheese cave at Artisanal in NY. True story.

His taste ranges from the stuff that comes wrapped in impossibly difficult to open plastic sleeves to a tangy, mature Manchego.

Since it is National Cheese Day (What! You forgot to send the mass e-greeting?) - we are celebrating with a dinner of Natalie's Tuscan Chevre Salad - with cheese deliciously made in Elkmont, Alabama.

Fromagerie Belle Chevre has received a lot of attention over the past few years - especially under the ownership of the lovely Tasia Malakasis. (You may have caught her story in G&G...)

Image courtesy of Garden & Gun

Is she not just the prettiest (goat) milk maid? So wholesome...

If you are looking for some Belle Chevre of your own click here for retailers.

Yours in cheese-y goodness,

Mrs. NR


Legallyblondemel said...

I'm with Mr. News Readin. I have yet to meet a cheese with which I didn't want to spend eternity.

And, geebus, if I eat enough of the stuff, will I start to resemble that gorgeous milk maid?

Sara said...

She looks like a model pretending to enjoy cheese. How can she make cheese and be that thin?

Colleen said...

Happy National Cheese Day (next year I'm decorating the house)!

I like all the goat butts behind the lovely milk maid.