Thursday, June 4, 2009

Off the Cuff

It's been a little hectic around the News Readin' Household lately.

From the Wedding Belle's glorious engagement party on the coast, a very relaxing weekend in Cashiers, the premiere of So You Think You Can Dance and work - work and yes, more work - it has even been a struggle to assist the News Readin' Husband with the daily selection o' the tie - let alone think of suitable, witty content for consumption. (There is always plenty that is not suitable...)

Sorry, gang. Just trying to keep it real.

Speaking of helping our favorite news reader maintain a snappy appearance...

Spotted these on

Hobbs & Kent Inlay Cufflinks - on sale for $149.
FYI...they are also offering free shipping on all orders.

Could make for a very nice Father's Day or graduation gift.

Or in our case -
you're not a father and it took you five years to graduate (without a double major) gift.

Stay tuned.

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1 comment:

The Mrs. said...

OMG. I am dying over SYTYCD. Dying. They are down to the top twenty. Why are they being so mean to my fave guy Brandon?