Wednesday, May 13, 2009

DIY Segment: It's 11:00 pm - do you know where your husband is...?

I'll tell you where mine wasn't tonight...home. Fixing stuff.

At 11:00 pm on a Wednesday, my husband was on a play date over at his friend, Clint the Bachelor's house. Clint recently bought a ping pong table and set it up in what should be his formal dining room. Good for him. Of course - Mr. News Readin' is totally envious of this quote "killer" set-up. So, he's spent the evening over there soaking up as much as beer drinking and ping pong he can manage on a school night.

Normally, I could care less about him drinking beer with his buddies. Not today.

Today I arrived home to find the top of our toilet tank in the middle of the bathroom floor, surrounded by our good towels. I'm no plumber - but this did not look like a good thing.

He told me that this morning he had been fiddling with something and a geyser of toilet water starting spraying everywhere. According to my brother - it's a quick fix with a $20 kit from Lowe's. Great!

So explain to me, oh love of my life, why your little self was pretending to be the Jan-Ove Waldner (Swedish Ping Pong Champion) of City K instead of fixing our toilet?

His response:
"I'm just going to call our guy tomorrow."

Let's get one thing straight dear - he is your guy. You helped pay for his pontoon boat. Your guy.
This go round - if he starts talking about the house he's building in Aspen, I will freak out. On the both of you. Consider yourself warned.

Yours with fingers crossed but absolutely no faith in having a working toilet by the weekend,
Mrs. News Readin'

Stay tuned. More at 11.


Legallyblondemel said...

The good towels too?!? Of course.

Sending you good wishes of happy plumbing asap,

Happy Homemaker said...

Oh you are too funny!! Poor Mr. News Readin'- it was a tough decision... hmmm... beer pong or fixing the toilet.

And your brother is really earning his keep! Although don't be tempted to go all "Cathy Bates: Misery" on your brother... not allowing him to leave.

leslie ruth said...

Oh no he di'int! Could you please film the freak out {or at least provide us with a script} should it occur? I could use a few pointers on how to effectively and appropriately freak out on the husband...