Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Late Breaking Story

Today I was feeling sweeter than normal and decided to give the News Readin' Husband a call during lunch to see what he was working on for our evening enjoyment.

Our conversation went a little something like this...

Me: Hey, what's the story of the day?

Mr. NR: Oh, just sitting at some health department press conference talking about swine flu. Did you know that pigs pass the flu virus - just like humans? Interesting.

Me: Did you ask if you can catch anything else from the little buggers? Or any other livestock for that matter? I mean, seriously. We need to know.

Mr. NR: (snidely) No, I did not ask if we can catch things from other livestock. I also didn't ask how fast a cheetah really runs. It was a press conference about swine flu.

Me: Whatever. Hmph.

And, scene.

Well, that's the last time I try to help him create the next media frenzy.

Off to figure out why we can't just call it pig flu,

Mrs. News Readin'


leslie ruth said...

Honestly, our husbands really need to listen to us more.

I mean we had the avian flu, mad cow disease and now the swine flu...isn't it probable that horse flu is next?

thepreppyprincess said...

What an ingrate Miss News Readin', honestly. Tell him *you* are the focus group....hello? (Heh-heh, 17 years in tv and this is what he gets.)


GrannySmithGreen said...

I'm with you. "Describe to us, if you will, what the difference is between a swine, boar and a pig?" Wonder if they could have answered? Ha!

Stereos and Souffles said...

I'm thinking of buying a face mask, but only if it's made of bacon.

Legallyblondemel said...

Good angle. "Swine flu" sounds alarmingly like "wine flu", and I think we can all agree that that is a concept more horrifying than is imaginable.