Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Team coverage of this developing story...

"Mmmmm... I look good. I mean really good. Hey everyone! Come and see how good I look!"
- Ron Burgandy from
Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy

Mr. News Readin' is particular about his hair. He likes to have it cut every two and a half weeks, because he tends to get a little fluffy on the sides. As most men approaching a certain age, the old hairline is creeping back a bit. But thanks to genetics and his commitment to Aveda products, there are some resilient fighters up front. All in all, he's got some good looking hair. Very important in his line of work.

Moving as often as we have can really stymie any chance of a
long lasting hairstylist/client relationship. You finally reach the point where they know what you like, whether you want to chat it up or read InStyle and who your favorite is on Project Runway. Then somebody has to go and get a new job, in a new town, with a whole new slew of people to potentially cut...ahem...style your locks.

As soon as Mr. News
Readin' settles into his desk at a new station, his first question, after locating the men's room, is "Where do y'all get your hair did?" Usually the station has an arrangement with a hair salon in town that trades services for ads. In City K, not the case. Mr. News Readin' was on his own to find some lucky thang to style his news readin' hair. So we both went to a recommended, highly visible salon. It was pure chance, that he sat in "Amy's" chair one fateful night. And now, Mr. News Readin' may have a situation with his said stylist.

I should mention that styling the hair of local news talent seems to come with its own celeb status. And that makes sense. Your work is seen on a daily basis by thousands of people and you have bragging rights (if that's what you want to brag about...) So it's no wonder that Amy is a leetle sensitive about Mr. News Readin' seeing other stylists, but some comments and occurrences over the past year have caused our guy to think seriously about breaking-up with her.

Let's review some examples:

"I guess my schedule was inconvenient for you."

"I was wondering when you were going to come in...I could see you in the background of the newsroom."
"I'll shift clients to fit you in - you know that."
*All said while holding scissors next to Mr. News Readin's head

Bonus material:

  • Incessant prattling about sometimes ex / sometimes not ex boyfriend
  • Visible jealousy when Mr. News Readin' has seen another stylist for a spur of the moment trim
  • Left Mr. News Readin' in the chair for 20 minutes while she finished a blow out (apparently this was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back...)

So the NRH is now experiencing what most women endure at least twice in their lives. The cut and run.

Maybe he's just going to have to sacrifice the head massage and 20 minute shampoo and go to the barber shop. My fear is that this one has the potential to become a stalker. He thinks I'm being dramatic.

Ummm...helllooo....FYI to Mr. News Readin': Nobody else was getting a massage or a 20 minute shampoo at the sinks...you do the math.

Mrs. News Readin'

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