Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Stay tuned for this late breaking story...

Mr. News Readin' is concerned that he sounds effeminate with all the hairstyling and bronzer talk.

To clear up any misconceptions you may have developed about the News Readin' Husband, I'll share what he ate when he came home last night. Bear in mind, he had already enjoyed a healthy dinner consisting of a chili coney & tots from Sonic.

He then proceeded to anchor the 10 o'clock news without so much as a belch. Well done, Mr. News Readin'! What a pro...

Okay, back to his 11:30 pm snack:

There. Happy now? Half a box of Cheese Nips, couple of bottles of the King and a pint of choc. chip mint...Trust me, no one will think your effeminate. They'll just think you are a fat a*$.

But alas, just another one of life's cruel jokes...Mr. News Readin' has a 32 inch waist. Ughh. Sometimes its tough to love a man who would probably look better in my Old Navy lounge pants.

At least my hair is better.


Ned said...

Just found your blog! Thanks for the laugh!

Happy Homemaker said...

I can attest that he is not effeminate in the least... although he sure does have a 'puurty' face!