Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm ready for my close-up.

The harsh lights of a television studio and off-site camera set-ups, force news folks to wear makeup. Thanks to HDTV, we now know that they spackle that stuff on like clowns. Mr. News Readin', has sort of taken to makeup in a funny yet, possibly concerning manner. Application is still a skill he is mastering but, he knows what concealer is and more importantly where it goes on his face.

The downside of his makeup wearing is having to go out and replenish the stock. For me, it's no big deal. Just head over to the mall and hit Sephora or a department store counter and pick-up what I need and get suckered in for about $75 of more crap just to get the free gift. But, for the NRH buying makeup is a daunting task that we need to make mental preparation for the entire week preceding the excursion. This past Saturday we geared up, had a hearty breakfast and headed to the mall to buy him some damn makeup.

I'm always forced to go with, for fear that someone may think he's preparing for a big Saturday night out in full-on drag. We beelined it for a "my first make-up experience" at the Clinique counter, because the NRH proclaimed Lancome, "too expensive and the colors are never natural." See!!?? Terrifying.
(Note to the NRH: drag queens don't buy their makeup at the Clinique counter. K?)

Monica was a sweetheart. And totally professional. She helped our guy find the perfect concealer, bronzer and makeup remover/cleanser (sucker!) And while she dabbed and blended, I scooted over to shoes to see if the Michael Kors slingbacks I've been coveting were on sale yet. I could see the NRH squirming in the chair while looking in the hand held mirror saying, " just brightens me up." Sweet baby, Jesus.

Besides some sideways stares from men 50+ and one 6 year old boy shouting, "Mommy, why is that man getting blush put on his face?" - it went swimmingly. And the NRH only told Monica once that he was on the news - to dispel any concerns she might have about his extracurricular activities.

Not such a local celebrity moment...but under eye darkness be gone!


Happy Homemaker said...

Too funny! Should I be embarassed that your husband wears better make-up than I do?

(drugstore labels aren't too good for me!)

Pineapple Hill said...

Love your style. It's fun to read your blog!

The Doctor's Wife said...

We-he-HELL. It's about damned time you started to write. I don't think I've laughed as hard since our little dinner out in R-town.
Speaking of the "famous" anchorpeople. My baby brother, who has been interning in NYC at DVF, went on a DATE with Anderson Cooper's very recent ex. Does that make me famous?