Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stay tuned...Sports is up next

So the NRH filled-in for the evening sports guy Sunday and Monday night. In my mind it's pretty hard for a viewer to see the guy who usually covers city and county politics say things like, "It's never ifffy when it's Griffey," for two nights and then take him seriously on Tuesday. But, management obviously thinks it works and it thrills the NRH to say such things.

Truth be known, before the NRH was hard hitting political reporter (we're talking County Commission meetings here...yawn) he wanted to be clever sports reporter. And thanks to a friend of the family, even snagged himself an interview at ESPN back before I was Mrs. News Readin'. You can only imagine the thrill when they offered him a job as...(cue Debbie Downer music) the guy who holds the camera cord and tidies up the competitive eating video library. And just that quickly - the NRH realized he would never sit next to Stuart Scott and wonder about his wonky eye.

Although fun being sports guy, it also meant that he didn't get home until midnight on Monday night and had to be at work at 8:30 am on Tuesday. Now, usually I would not take any pity on him for such a schedule. It's not like he's taking the dark cart down into the coal mines?! But I did feel like he needed a dinner of his choosing. When I inquired his response was - get ready - goat cheese pizza.

Ummm. Okay. (Note: never have I ever served him goat cheese pizza.) Fear not! I wasn't going to let him down. So I served the NRH goat cheese pizza with mushrooms and prosciutto and it was fabulous.

Mrs. News Readin' in another stunning defeat over What's for Dinner!

Recipe forthcoming.


Happy Homemaker said...

YAY!!!!! You finally posted!! And you did not disappoint! I am laughing my ass off and I've heard all this before!

If you and this blog don't get him into an ESPN chair, then you can bless his heart. Only kidding... I like you guys right where you are!

Now, excuse me whilst I tell all my friends to come over here... and your homework: show the list of blogs you read... I wanna see!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oooh- that sounds delish! Can't wait for the recipe!