Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Paging Joy: Your Party Waits in Arrivals

Lately I've had the pleasure (or displeasure) of spending time in airports. Fun destinations aside - airports are usually miserable places.

From the "easy" kiosk check-in which seems to take more time than the good old-fashioned human check-in process to the endless security lines, where measures that have been in place for eight years still take people by surprise - it all is just exasperating.

Note to the lady in Chicago that balked at having her massive aerosol can of hairspray and industrial size bottle of Jean Naté bath splash taken away...they did you a favor. Say thank you and head to the nearest Sephora to regroup.

And let me not fail to mention the oversold, delayed flight scenario that is more the standard than the exception. All in all - flying commercial couldn't be any less pleasant.

Which is probably why most travelers are, generally speaking, grumpy. Reeaaallyyy grumpy. I counted myself as one of those grumpy travelers until I read this piece from Chris Jones for Esquire.

Shared with me by a dear friend, who is a veteran traveler of the skies, it brought tears to my eyes and reminded me that happiness exists just beyond the confines of baggage claim.

I thought it was very share worthy...

Stay tuned. More at 11.

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