Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Well played, Tory.

I am about to go where very few have gone before...Tory Burch just doesn't do it for me.

Let's review all the reasons why I should be brandishing just about everything from TB.

Cute prints: check.
Flattering cuts: check
Darling accessories: check
Generally overpriced unless scored on Outnet, Gilt or the like: check

So - why don't I lurrrv her like (seemingly) everyone else?

Maybe it's because I feel like she raided my grandmother's closet, took copious notes breezing through cocktail party photos from the early '70's, stuck a gold insignia on it and then convinced Oprah she was better than Spanx.

And I'm envious that I didn't beat her to it.

Then I spied these:

A sucker for the color, the python print leather/suede combined with the comfort of a flat - I'm considering being that girl and pre-ordering for fear come Fall they will be a retail memory.

Well played, TB. But, consider this a "wanna grab a drink" text from a potential suitor - definitely not a weekend escape to the Seychelles with your sugar daddy. I mean...we just met and hardly know each other.

I'm not that kind of consumer.

Stay tuned. More at 11.


Samma said...

I was the same way (except that I adore raiding my grandmama's closet) until I bought the tunic. I thought it was a bunch of over priced hype, then I feel in love. Its dangerous.

The Mrs. said...

You are hilarious. I think I do lurrve her cause I wanna be her!

Monograms and Mayhem said...

I know! I feel the same. On another note... did you get my email? Are we talking about the same city K? If so, next time I'm in town we'll grab a coffee and/or drink ;)

thepreppyprincess said...

Well now, isn't this an interesting development...?!

Cute post Miss Breakin' News, can't wait to see if you ever go to second base.


Happy Homemaker said...

Those shoes are SO YOU!!

SUCH a great topic... I love TB's things on other people but consider the items with her logo on them to be too "loud?" for me?? I'm sure one day I'll bite the bullet and own a pair of reva flats since all I wear are ballet flats but the insignia scares me slightly??

The tunics are perfectly beautiful on me but so far have not found one that I would pay full price for...

Please- retail therapist- what IS my problem??

Kate said...

that made me smile. I am not a fan only because she is utterly unoriginal. And yes, my mother has a pucci print shift that I have considered pilfering from her attic storage.

sarah said...

I felt the same way about Reva's until I bought a pair. And I loved them. But then I refused to buy anything else. Then I walked in one day to just see what they had, and they had a HUGE shoe sale and I bought a $400 pair of shoes for $100. Now I keep going back. Let my tale be a warning to you.

Samma said...

Pics of my grandmother's dresses are up on my blog if you want to check out my finds :)

Martinis or Diaper Genies? said...

I am so not preppy and have the shoes in orange. I can't explain it I just love them.

Kiki said...

My Regional Director showed up at a visit wearing the cutest TB ballet flats, evah. I coveted them....I'm ashamed to admit it. I'm with The Mrs., I want to be her...