Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's a date.

Our Wedding Belle has selected October 17, 2009 as her wedding day and we are so excited.

She'll be married in the church both she and the News Readin' Husband were baptized. It's a beautiful little Episcopal church which dates back to the 1880's. You can read a little more history here.

One major hurdle right now...her husband-to-be wants 20 friends to be by his side at the main event. Ten groomsmen and ten ushers. The church is not that large and having ten up at the altar will look very crowded. Like - "Which one is the groom?" crowded. Yikes!

I always thought it was based on guest count - 1 bridesmaid/groomsman per 35-50 guests. Ushers to be added accordingly based on any number over 300 attending the ceremony.

Have any of you recently married lovelies faced the same challenge?

Of course the News Readin' husband and I are much more concerned about helping them choose a signature drink.

Wedding cake martini, anyone?

More at 11.


a. said...

Sounds like a great day to me. I do think it's going to be crowded. I decided on one maid of honor (my only other female first cousin) and two bridesmaids (one life long friend who is like a cousin since we have known each other since birth and one college friend who I've known for around 18+ years!) which seems appropriate.

I bookmarked the drink - sounds PERFECT for me :-)

You should be a wedding consultant.

Legallyblondemel said...

Yay for the wedding belle! That church sounds just lovely.

I share your take on the bridal party numbers, and I believe Miss Post does as well. Having been to a friend's wedding where she had four bridesmaids (for approx. 200 guests) and her groom had ELEVEN groomsmen (lost track of ushers), I can verify that it looks silly. Unless you are in a ginormous church AND the bride has an equally huge number of maids . . . actually, even then, no. It's a bridal party, not a marching band.

Toad said...

I am unfamiliar with the concept of the groom having a say in the wedding plans. would yoiu explain please?

In my day he was told. Where to go, what time, what to wear, and be sober. Now men have wedding rights too?

Mom on the Run said...

I love that church. I love that the list of rectors begins with John Wesley. The cemetary is to die for (pun definitely intended)

St. Simons is like Marietta on the water. Everyone goes there, has a house there, and at spring break you might as well be at home because you're going to see lots of people you know.

Gorgeous place for a wedding.

mamacita said...

20 groomsmen/ushers? Good freaking Lord.

Now, NWR, am I in trouble with you? Email me. kbhagen AT gmail DOT com.

GrannySmithGreen said...

So good to hear about your golfing weekend! I just know we must have been at 100 Hudson together! How funny is that?

Now this church. I think I know it! Lovely choice. Did your sis (or sis in law?) consider The Cloister for a reception? Wedding plans! What fun!

"See" you later in blog land!