Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Baby Gifts: Bottoms Up

Between the inmate phone calls, being tagged 10 times to tell all my so-called friends on Facebook 25 things about me (I'm waiting to receive 25 tags before I respond), sorting Mr. News Readin's fan mail, deciding whether to do full monogram or single initial on my Snuggie, deal with dynamic of Kara the New Judge on American Idol and work - it's been a struggle to set the auto button on the coffeemaker at night - let alone think of creative baby gifts for all new arrivals of the mini-kind to the News Readin' circle of friends.

Love some babies! Especially those that will not depend on me for braces, bail, or college tuition. (Suleman octuplets excluded, of course. We are all on the hook for their bills.)

Personalized Diapers from Diapergrams are my standard baby gift, making life very easy.
They have great options for personalization and are great to work with if you wanted to create a team specific basket or even camo, for the family's newest Ducks Unlimited member.

They are also running a promotion with her personalized diaper apprentices (take that, Donald.) Mention "Diapergrams Sent You" and receive an extra dozen diapers: (this site will begin taking orders on Friday, Feb. 6th)

Mr. News Readin' has on more than one occasion tried to get me to order a bushel with "Bad Ass Baby" printed on the back for his Fratty Friends' spawn. Ummm, no.

Shhh...should my resilience to the MM give way under the influence of several bottles of Rioja- if ya' know what I mean - it's how I'll tell him the big news.

Stay tuned. Up next: Big Brother and Sister gifts that will crown you Favorite Adult besides Grandma.


leslie ruth said...

I loathe and despise that FB note. I've been tagged seventeen times now. Think I'll steal your idea and refuse to do it until #25 hits the inbox...

The Lawyer's Wife said...

adorable diapers ... wish I sold those ... they make adorable gifts!

Email me and we can be friends on facebook since you live so far away! I might just be the 25th person to tag you in the list of 25 things!

Leslie said...

Did you see the today show clan make an appearance in their snuggies this morning? I believe Matt said he wouldn't be caught dead in one! I guess he died!

Didn't know they made personalized diapers. My little ones are out of diapers (thank goodness) but I will keep that in mind next time I need a baby gift. Thanks for the tip!!

thepreppyprincess said...

Thanks for such a cute post... we are loving all those cute looks! Love the MM thought, as well as your refusal to allow Mr. News Readin' to send the Fratty Friends Spawn his sentiments for the baby's behind.

And it is SO nice to see someone else less-than-thrilled about the 25 things. We are now officially a Bad Princess on Facebook as we are simply ignoring the tags in hopes the whole phenomenon goes away.

Grins and giggles Miss NRW, it's almost Thursday!

jeffrey125 said...

I got a gift basket from the other day, i just love them. they are so cute, thanks for the info!