Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve

Is there a greater classic American clothing staple than the white button down?

All together now - no, there isn't.

Mr. News Readin' grew tired of me stealing his and I grew tired of the too big proportions. And then I stumbled upon Claridge & King - the perfect white button down paired down to a woman's proportion.

Image courtesy of Claridge & King.

My shirt arrived, complete with monogram in Avery Script, on the cuff. I wear it all the time...over leggings with a cardigan and ballet flats on a plane, belted with skinny jeans and of course - to bed. It one of my best purchases ever.

Images courtesy of the News Readin' Archives.

Just in time for Valentine's Day - they've introduced a pink version.

Image courtesy of Claridge & King.

And a new monogram option with an open heart and single initial. Love it. Or put his monogram on your shirt. *Wink*

Image courtesy of Claridge & King.

Even the ticking stripe pouch they arrive in are pure perfection. sure of your measurements. They can run a little big.

I consider myself quite fortunate to be married to man who finds white cotton shirts sexy. (Shhh...he thinks I bought it for him.)


Mrs. News Readin'


Mom on the Run said...

I am still laughing at your comment about the pieces of masking tape with the recipient's initials on everything. I swear, every grandma and crazy great aunt in the world does that! (mine included!) But the funniest thing is that when we would just say "wow, that bowl is pretty", DOTR's great aunt would pick it up, take the tape that was already on there off, and replace it with your name. I guess you had to claim it last!

thepreppyprincess said...

Ooooh, this is a new one for us Miss Breaking News, we are going to have to devote some time to familiarizing ourselves with these folks! It looks like they do fabulous work!


SouthernAccent said...

Love that! I'm buying one now!!!

Kathie Truitt said...

I love your blog and follow it frequently although I never leave a comment.

I have a question (or concern, actually). I noticed that Bunny Tomerlin has not posted since Thanksgiving. I'm really worried about her. Is she okay, or has she just stopped blogging?

I was hoping you or one of her other followers would be able to answer. Mainly, I just want to know that she's okay.

Leslie said...

I haven't had a really good white shirt in a while. Thanks for the tip! I am going to order one now!!