Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Giving Bling

In a time when the mall jewelry store trappings of Valentine's Day seem obnoxious, seek other options. (For me, every kiss begins with VCA. Most definitely not Kay.)

But, we are working with a limited budget this year. Maybe if I hadn't paid my taxes (ahem, Tom Daschle) I would be scoring a lovely Alhambra necklace...but I digress.

If you are sending your sweetheart in search for a little affordable bling, maybe suggest an option that would benefit a good cause.

The Breaking News Team loves the simplicity of Diana Warner jewelry and especially appreciates her Materialism Matters line which supports an array of non-profit organizations.

The Obligato Necklace - Obligato, Portuguese for something that one cannot live without - supports a well-digging project in Africa. Each purchase provides clean water for 10 Africans for an entire year.

The Parker Puzzle Necklace - A portion of the proceeds from each necklace goes to the Breakthrough Corporation, which works diligently to improve the lives of adults with Autism.

Beginning with You Necklace - Proceeds from the sale of this necklace support the Beginning with You Organization, that provides for vulnerable children internationally.

I'm also a big fan of her initial charms (which I wear almost daily) and bracelets, which make my wrists look magically minuscule.

Even if you don't go with one of the Materialism Matters necklaces, you can feel good about buying jewelry from someone who has such a big heart.

Your Jewelry Cupid,

Mrs. News Readin'

And for those who check daily anticipating the Presidential China post - it's in the works. Promise.

More at 11.


a. said...

I love the initial charms. Very reasonably priced too! I will have to pass this onto Mr. L who never knows what to get me :-)

thepreppyprincess said...

We are dying to know what the Presidential China is! Are we talking dishes? Or are we talking about a long flight to a land far, far away...?

Cute charms!