Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A News Readin' Wedding Belle

Mr. News Readin' s sister called us Friday night to share some exciting news - she's engaged!
We are so happy for her and her sweet fiance.

Mr. NR and my mother-in-law have gone into full wedding planning mode. We are averaging about two phone calls a day, and probably an email or two off my radar.

It looks like an early fall wedding and Mr. NR wants to make sure it doesn't interfere with:
- SEC football watching
- Sweeps - the time of year when news stations make big deal out of things like garbage collection and city employees using their city-issued cars to road trip it to Tunica. News readers are not allowed to take any time off during these months - no exceptions.

And me? Well, I'm keeping a low profile until my assistance, advice or attendance are requested or required.

I did pick-up my standard newly-engaged gift for her.

From Mottahedeh.

One was given to me when I got engaged. Reading it every night before I place my rings in it, just makes me smile.

I hope it will make our Wedding Belle smile, too.

More at 11.


a. @ coterie said...

Yay! Another bride. I expect you to be in full bridal mode with all your fabulous ideas and suggestions!

thepreppyprincess said...

Oh, what fun news! Your gift is wonderful, bright and also sweet, speaking to the heart.

Whoo-hoo for everyone involved!