Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This just in...for real.

LIVE from the Breaking Newsroom

Here's an update on a story we've been following for you - just filed by our on-scene reporter, Leslie Ruth with affiliate Diary of a Southern Drama Queen.

Remember these idiots? Frontrunners for Parents of the Year:

Mr. & Mrs. Campbell and little Adolph Hitler

Apparently the state of New Jersey and the Division of Youth and Family Services decided that picking your kids' names out of the best-selling book "1,001 Nazi Names for your Baby" might be the tip of the iceberg of bad judgment calls.

According to the AP, the children were removed from their home. Details have yet to be released. You can read the full story here.

Sad, sad, sad. My heart breaks for those poor children.

Thank you to Leslie Ruth for that report.

Now back to your regularly scheduled program.


PaperCourt said...

Wow! I had an old client named Adolf Hitzler. He was an old german man..probably born in the 20's.

On a funnier note, he told me a story once about a black kid who stole his credit card and tried to use it at Nordstrom. The kid was denied and promptly arrested.

a. @ coterie said...

Since I live in the Garden State, I read about this earlier this morning. Nice!

Also, I've got a great story for you. I went on a wild goose chase to look at some stationery, I get there and the store (Blue Tulip) is literally going out of business. All that was left was the fixture and a few random things. I did pick up a Crane & Co. Wedding Blue Book for 50% off which I know will be useful because I always have a million questions about addressing people, invites, etc. of the salespeople comes up to me because she notices I am looking at wedding stuff and says "do you know someone that's getting married? and I said "Yes, me!" She goes on to say is this your first or second marriage?" and when I replied "first" she said "wow!" then she asked to see the ring which she found acceptable from the look on her face!...I swear I don't look 37 - maybe it was the fur coat I was wearing that made me look older. Sorry for the long comment but I thought you might find this amusing ;-)

leslie ruth said...

Happy to be of service! I'm wondering what else has been going on for the children to be removed. Certainly the naming situation is frightening enough. But I wonder...

The Mrs. said...

I heard about this. I am wondering what the full story is...although I think naming your kid Hitler is grounds enough!!!