Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wedding Belle Update

As some of you may know - Mr. News Readin's sweet sister is tying the knot in October.

She has graciously asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. At first I was just simply honored - but I am over the moon! Check out her bridesmaid dress pick:

It looks navy in the image, but it's really more of a cadet blue. And has pockets!

Every bridesmaid is relieved when the dress choice ends up being something they are not ashamed to wear in public or will be mistaken for a pageant gown or Halloween costume.

An illustration:

She would NEVER pick this...but I've seen some doozies lately that have been chosen by perfectly normal girls. For example - a lavender Grecian drape halter dress. Trust me. It is way worse than it sounds. And it sounds pretty bad in my opinion. (My poor friend Jennifer was subjected to such an atrocity.)

Back to our Belle.

Guess who has been charged with shoe and accessory recommendations? OMG. I'm so excited - I can't even take it.

So, let's hear it from those of you who frequent the Breaking News Room. I know you are chocked-full of chic suggestions. I've got a few of my own be posted at a later date.

I'm not kidding. You are officially being solicited for shoe and accessory finds. There may be some swag for my favorites...

Yours in Bridesmaid Bliss,
Mrs. News Readin'

Edited to add:
Contributing reporter Stereos and Souffles raised some good questions. Good woman!
The wedding ceremony is at 6:00 pm. The groomsmen are not wearing tuxes. Not sure if they have decided on khaki suits or tan trousers and navy sport coats. Flowers will be white.

Stay tuned for more Mrs. News Readin' takes over - ummm - I mean helps plan a wedding.


Sara said...

I think some metallic strappy sandals would look great with this dress. No dyeables! Too '90s. Chandelier earrings and a great chunky bracelet would lok cute too. Have fun shopping!

mamacita said...

Accessories. If not for the wedding, then for the wearing of the dress afterward.

mamacita said...

Okay, here are their bridesmaid necklaces. Eagerly anticipating my swag. ;-)

Stereos and Souffles said...

Formal or informal? Indoor or outdoor? Informal I'm thinking turquoise or green, formal I'm thinking gold.

GrannySmithGreen said...

Fun, fun, fun. Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about YOUR plans!

Monograms and Mayhem said...

FAB.U.LOUS! How fun to plan... I mean HELP Belle plan her wedding. I love the idea of chandelier earrings too, no necklace and some fabulous bracelet. You also can't go wrong with classic pearls, but I'm liking the earring idea from Sara... You need someone to take you to market...

PaperCourt said...

Cute, cute! I wore a J.Crew bridesmaid dress in my sister-in-law's wedding...and I've worn it several times since. Unfortunately, J.Crew thinks that size 4 women are well endowed. I had to spend $100 on a bra at Nordstrom to keep the thing up.

BLC :o said...

OH la la! This is sooooo much fun. Don't get all maidzilla on us! Or would it be matronzilla!? Anyhoo, I am looking forward to hearing more about this!!! Work the circuit and enjoy wedding season! Xoxo-BLC

Leslie said...

So it looks like several others got to you first on the accessories suggestions...I too would suggest!! I actually have an account with them and could order them at a really great price if you want. Just let me know. I think their stuff is simply fabulous!! I like the "marion" earrings if you want earrings. But if you want a great necklace, I think the "Charlotte" necklace in green and navy is beautiful and would look great with the dress!! For shoes, Jcrew actually has a great selection of strappy sandals!! Awesome that you get to wear such a great bridesmaids dress. I wish any of the bridesmaids dresses I had to wear were half as great as this one!! They always say you can wear it again and in your case, that is actually true!! Have fune planning/helping!! :)

thepreppyprincess said...

This is a great dress Miss News Readin', and in a great color! Whoo-hoo, not another party frock from hell!

We are the worst with accessories, so we'll simply send a congratulatory hug your way! Be you a Maid or Matron, you are going to look dynamite.