Saturday, April 25, 2009

Springtime Surprises Courtesy of L.L. Bean

Never once - ever - have I put cute clothes and L.L. Bean in the same sentence. Don't judge me. You know it's true.

Backpacks - check. Flannel tartan pajamas - check. Outdoor gear - the mecca. Boat totes - accept nothing but the original. Fun summer wear? Keep on looking...

Not so fast. Apparently someone in Freeport took a stand and declared,
"We must free ourselves from the frump!"

While breezing through their latest clothing for women catalog, I was pleasantly surprised by the perfectly preppy gear they are touting - rightfully so. All a little Boden-esque, minus the crazy graphics. I think you will be equally pleased:

Note: All images courtesy of L.L. Bean

Skyway Canvas Button-front Skirt in Sunburst

Haven Skimmers - also in an adorable pink and green print

Lattice Print Handbag - cute, cute with the skimmers and skirt above.

Petal Poplin Shirt, Polka Dot - love the surprise of pink stripe on the cuffs!

Madras Skort - usually skorts are my krytonite, but it's a commendable effort L.L. Bean

Coastal Macintosh Coat in Glen Green lined in pink and green lobster/crab print

Seersucker belt - perfect with jeans

Seersucker Jacket - slim fit, with three-quarter sleeves

If you are in any way impressed with the above, I highly recommend hightailing it over to their website - where plenty more await.

Enjoy this beautiful weekend!

Yours in renewed faith of a classic (with exemplary customer service),

Mrs. News Readin'


Monograms and Mayhem said...

Surprise! Surprise! Very to shop ;) Love reading your blog. Very. Funny. Will have to catch the local news next time I'm Atlanta visiting the parents to figure out which one is Mr. News Reading... If I can get my mother away from FOXnews... Too much national news is sometimes too much!

Buford Betty said...

I TOTALLY thought the same thing when I was flipping through the catalog a few days ago. I was like, huh? Wow! Some very cute stuff indeed...

BLC :o said...

I am LOVING LLBean. The Boat Tote is my absolute favorite ... and I did order that rain jacket for these April showers, and who knew it would come with compliments. Have you seen the swimsuits!? I am impressed!!! Xoxo-BLC

Needs Help said...

Wow those are some great finds! I never would think to look to LL Bean for clothes, but you've changed my mind :)

Kiki said...

Great stuff...I'm on my way to check it out!

teaorwine said...

I also received this catalog and mistook its pages for a JCrew catalog! Cute togs, for sure.

Alicia B Designs said...

wow! So many cute things...LLBean is awesome!

Ainslie Place said...

I ordered the madras skirt and should be receiving it any day now.

PS: If you are on Twitter, LLBean PR (LLBeanPR) is also--be sure to post a tweet and let them know you like their stuff!

PaperCourt said...

I usually toss my catalog right away but I've kept the most recent around. The stuff really is cute.

lepetitprep said...

I LOVE the new line... unfortunately, so much of it is out of stock now... LL Bean PLEASE make more of this for fall!