Sunday, March 1, 2009

Anthropologie: I love you. I love you not.

Does anyone else have a love/hate relationship with Anthropologie?

Seven years ago, I went through a "If it's not from Anthro I don't want to know it..." phase. Even my bedding was from them. Their clothes and accessories made me feel like a keen-eyed, sophisticated, bohemian. And poor. Because it goes without saying that for all its gossamer tank, adorable skirt and embellished sweater gorgeousness, Anthropologie is

Are ya' with me on this?

I'm fairly confident I'm on their watch list of habitual returners. Without fail, I'll buy two items and return at least one due to buyer's remorse. Most recently it was a grey blouse that in the husband's most astute observation, "looked like a bunch of napkins" for $178. Thank you, TimGunn.

But, with one skim of a catalog - I am instantly transported back to that pre-Mrs. young woman, who fantasized of skipping across Moorish rooftops in Morocco with tousled Edwardian hair and a $198 skirt from Moth with a $88 mis-matched striped tank from elevens. *sigh*

Then I remember that I do not weigh 90 lbs and would like a damn clown in such an ensemble and if I'm going to don a $200 out-and-about outfit - Morocco ain't the destination. (Been there on our honeymoon - can you say cesspool? not bring it up to Mr.'s a sore subject.)

Imagine my shock when I spied this bathing suit, actually picked up the phone and ordered it without any hesitation. Usually a purchase from them includes online deliberations for two-three weeks with multiple phone consults with the BFF, Hilary. And buying a bathing suit - no less!

Had the flame from all those years ago been re-ignited???

It's a little Betty Page-esque, and I'm hoping that's what it will morph this "I've been downing grande hazelnut lattes all winter" body into miraculously. High hopes, no?

If not, here's Plan B:

Definitely will not be mistaken for picnic buffet table and lends an air of "mystery" with that mid-section ruching.

So I wait with bated breath - hoping that this impetuous purchase of a bathing suit, made while snow falls outside and my treadmill lays idle, will not leave me once again hating Anthropologie (and higher on the habitual returner watch list.)

Stay tuned.
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a. said...

Totally with you on this one as usual. Unfortunately I can't get them or J. Crew to send me a catalog! I've called, e-mailed, etc. I am starting to think they don't want my money!

Gladys said...

I am not a large woman just one who is showing my age around my middle. No longer will I be able to comfortable walking around in my bikini showing my now flabby middle to the world. I so love the rouched suit. I purchased a lovely suit from Esther Williams Catalogue. I love it. Very Vintage, Very 1940's

Kiki said...

I love that one piece, so fab....the concealment factor is awesome. I am checking out Gap Body because living at the beach one cannot have too many suits!!

I have an anthropologie here and my "hate" with them lies in their terrible service....I don't need to be catered to but if I'm going to spend that kind of money on something then I'd like some attention for my good taste.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving a note, I appreciate that you came by....hope all is well with you!

thepreppyprincess said...

They are both smashing swimsuits! We do love your Spousal Unit: "...looked like a bunch of napkins" is rather descriptive, and so very guy-like, don't you think?

We totally get the love-hate thing, and it does seem to go in cycles, it makes us feel better to know we're not alone in that!

Mollie said...

I just got the catolog and they are already out of my size in this :( How is adorable!

Legallyblondemel said...

I laughed when I saw this, since I too have a rather extreme love-hate going with them, to an extent I don't have with any other retailer. I'm in the throes of a torrid affair right now - witness the bohemian, almost Seinfeldian-puffy-shirt number I'm wearing - but I recognize it's a mere spring fling.

Those swimsuits are darling, by the way.

The Doctor's Wife said...

I love the gingham...let me know how THAT works for you!
I'm with you on the whole Anthro thing. I SO want to be that edgy and eclectic but it never seems to work out that way...(maybe it's my obnoxious sigh when the register yields my total?)
BTW. I love the second suit. As you get OLDER (aka...have babies), there's something to be said for jellyrolls...oh, shit...I meant mystery!

Stereos and Souffles said...

I like Anthropologie, but half the stuff I order goes back. Doesn't fit right, sizing is off, didn't look like it did online, etc. Half the stuff I love, the other half I hate.

Kathie Truitt said...

Oh, yeah! I love Anthropologie. However, when you're 46 years old, you have to be very, very careful what you wear from there. Still, though, I love everything!