Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ding-Dong: It's Mom.

My mother made an impromptu trip across the Mason-Dixon this weekend to see the News Readin's and deliver my brother for a 13-week visit. (Don't worry we'll get to that at a later date...)

For her, impromptu means 40 phone calls and a daily weather update. Not to mention - a Xanax refill for yours truly.

As I am not one to veil my impatience or general irritation with the behavior of another - she arrived bearing gifts to smooth over the harassment leading up to her descent...err...I mean - trials and tribulations of trip planning. Oh, and because she knows I desperately miss the retail bliss of New York.

As soon as I saw the Plaza Too bag, all was forgiven.

Mystique Turquoise Flip-Flop
I have two other pairs of Mystique jeweled/embellished flip-flops and l-o-v-e them. They take a casual summer outfit and instantly dress it up. Jewelry for your feet...and really comfortable.

KORS by Michael Kors Andres Moc in Green Patent
Cuter on than depicted. Worship the green color! Am dying to wear them with cropped white jeans and a navy bateau neck tee.

We waxed nostalgic over shoe purchases at Plaza Too in Bronxville, NY...for senior prom - sensible Stuart Weitzmans and my first big girl shoe purchase after landing a gig at Sotheby's- Miu Miu slingbacks...ahhh - memories.

Reminiscing didn't make her completely forget that she has no grandchildren, but it slipped her mind for a moment or two.

Yours in new shoe nirvana,

Mrs. News Readin'

Psst...take advantage of their Style Stimulus through April 15.


BLC :o said...

Awe!! Mom's sure do know how to stress and de-stress their chicks, eh!? Enjoy!! Xoxo-BLC

a. said...

I love Plaza Too and now that the wedding is off I am free to buy all the shoes I want to keep me company.

Ned said...

I would suck up a 13 wk house guest for those....are you on for the trip!?!

Legallyblondemel said...

Oooh, like those fancy flips a lot. Must investigate.

Sending you serene, Xanax-riddled thoughts . . .

Kiki said...

I bow at the alter of Michael Kors....those shoes are divine!!!

The Mrs. said...

Oh my my. My impending baby arrival neccesitated a motherly stay and I was dreading the hormonal nightmare that was coming to roost. Low and behold she has earned her Grandmother stripes, brought me pink pearls and a wrap to the hospital and takes the baby every ten seconds. Sometimes mom's are the bomb.