Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gift Card Rescue

The holidays have left me with gift cards to Bath & Body Works that I will never use.

It's not that I don't appreciate the thoughtful gesture but I have a severe aversion to B&BW. It stems from a suite mate in college that worked there and doused herself in Juniper Breeze and Plumeria. The thought of those scents makes me gag a little. I go as far as to walk at least 50 feet from any entrance to a B&BW. Sorry if you're a fan.

I could pawn those gift cards off on someone else, re-gifting, if you will. But, it makes me feel sort of guilty - especially the next time I see my aunt err...the gift giver. Enter GiftCardRescue, an online service that allows users to exchange their unwanted cards either for different gift cards or for cash. News to me!

GiftCardRescue will then provide the redemption value it's willing to pay - usually between 60 percent and 80 percent of the card's value. You can then elect either to receive cash via PayPal, or select a new gift card from the site, up to the redemption value of their original card.

Happiness is not having to buy from Bath & Body Works - and $$$ in my PayPal account to buy Jo Malone off Ebay. Just what I wanted...

Stay tuned.
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a. said...

Awesome! This may come in handy in the future :-)

Mom on the Run said...

That is very cool. And I hate B&BW, too. Everything I've ever liked there, they discontinue (Couvent des Minimes, Pure Simplicity). And their fake scents make me want to hurl.

GrannySmithGreen said...

I'm with you, honey! Maybe auntie will offer the Visa gift card next time--that is if she doesn't read your blog! Hee hee!

G said...

so did it work? I'm considering selling some gift cards on this site and I'm wondering. Thanks.

Jennifer said...

I think other sites have better deals. Try

I did not like working with giftcardrescue.

Just my opinion