Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Politically Motivated

While Mr. News Readin' is enthralled by the debates and listening to endless political commentary, I on the other hand, can't bear any of it. If he consumes six or more liquor drinks, he even starts talking about about someday running for public office.

(FYI...I signed up for small towns and the perks of local celebrity. Not yard signs and community forums. Ugh. Makes my teeth itch...)

So, if the mission is filling the last spot on the debate team - Mr. News Readin' is your guy. As for me and the inside voice...if you need to buy gifts for the debate team, give us a call.

I am a self-professed retail whore. I'll shop for anything, anytime. Looking for someone to talk you out of a purchase? Don't call me. No can do.

In honor of the hearty political season we're enjoying, thought I'd share some retail highlights - inspired when I went to order some gifts from Fishs Eddy and found the mugs below.

Although kitsch, I thought they were mildly amusing. (Who doesn't want to start their day with a cup of coffee in the company of Strom Thurmond and Newt Gingrich or RFK and Eleanor Roosevelt?!)

I went on the hunt for other politically inspired gifts - that are not t-shirts, really bad ties and cuff links. We should all be in the trash and trinkets business. These people are making a damn fortune off of crap.

Exhibit A: Presidential Nesting Dolls

'Nuf said.

But here are some things, that I thought, "Meh. Not bad."

Above referenced mugs from Fishs Eddy.

Convention shorts from Orvis. (Slightly out of season...)
Perfection in red and black for a seamless transition to gameday wear for Mr. News Readin'.

Hooked GOP or Democrat Donkey Pillow courtesy of Art & Artifact.

Do you think Mary Matalin and James Carville registered for these?

Pewter Democrat & Republican Salt & Pepper Shakers from Modern Artisans.

Definitely would make us look smarter just by hanging on the wall...
History of the Political Parties print from HistoryShots.

Every politically responsible tot should enjoy carrots in one of these.

Even Noteworthy has gotten in on the act...Republican or Democrat self-inking stamps.

So there is my contribution to all the political blather.

Maybe Mr. News Readin' running for office wouldn't be such a bad thing after all...think of the stationery needs alone!

Stay tuned.


Legallyblondemel said...

Good stationery is certainly a valid reason to go along with the political wifery.

I myself have always had delusions of being the First Lady of something, mostly because the job seems to involve my immediate retirement and wearing lots of Oscar de la Renta, but my husband flat refuses to run. This is probably a good thing given his swearing and my sarcasm, but a girl can dream.

News Readin' Wife said...

Trust me. I've thought long and hard about pearls the size of whoppers and Chanel suits.

Unfortunately, we'd have to start council, county commission. Patience is not a virtue that I possess.

But, I would look fabulous through the process whether it was a pancake breakfast or an American Legion square dance. Promise.