Friday, October 3, 2008

Thirty-one years ago today...

Today I am officially a 31 year-old, northern grown, southern living, wife of an anchorman.

Damn. How did that happen? Just last week I was in my early twenties...

No fear. I was asked if I was still "in school" at the grocery store recently. I'm not sure if it was my youthful glow or my Nike running shorts, frat-tastic t-shirt ca. 1999 and hair piled on my head.

Probably the latter.

30 year-olds, and certainly 31 year-old women, do not dress like they are dashing off to chicken finger night at their university's dining hall. What can I say? I still rock (on occasion) my senior year formal t-shirt with pride...It reads: "Last time I had this much fun I got spanked," accompanied by a cartoon of a sorority girl paddling a frat boy. Nice. I'm all class.

On other fronts...this morning I started my routine at 6:05 am with coffee and decided since it is my birthday, I'm just going to lounge on the couch for a little bit. Mr. News Readin' (who usually sleeps until 7:45/8:00) poked his head in the den around 6:45 am to inquire as to when I was getting in the shower. Cute husband! He wanted to surprise me with Starbucks apr├Ęs showering on my birthday.

Life in a word is excellent. Amazing husband, caring family and friends, good job, awesome dog and cat, cute house, fab hair and no regrets. Not bad.

Now, if I could just add passenger rail service to and fro' work and friendship via Facebook with Tim Gunn - it would be perfection...a News Readin' Wife can dream, can't she?

More at 11.


The Mrs. said...

Happy Birthday from me...and of course Tim Gunn. Make it work!

Legallyblondemel said...

Have a wonderful birthday! Aren't the thirties more fun than you expected?

If you actually figure out how to Facebook friend my fantasy GBFF Tim Gunn, will you pretty please share with us how you did it? I'll be mature and everything and share him with you, promise.