Tuesday, October 28, 2008

West Coast Swing: Part I

As a born and bred New Yorker it is deeply embedded in my psyche to find all things California...meh.

Our recent trip to the West Coast banished all of that and replaced it with, "A reporter job in San Francisco? Let me think, Mr. News Readin'...When are the moving trucks coming for our things?" Loved it.

The trip with our friends, Anne & Lee from Nashville, has been in the works for months . Mr. News Readin' and Lee grew up together and have had the great fortune of marrying two women who have birthdays a week apart AND really like each other. So traveling in early October is now an annual happening. Mr. News Readin' also has the bonus of our anniversary being one week before my birthday. (Coincidence? I think not...)

Here are some highlights from the Monterey Peninsula (Day 1 & 2):

A view from the 17-mile loop

We stayed at a great Marriott right near the wharf and Cannery Row. The view from our room:

The concierge sent us chocolate covered strawberries for our anniversary with a very nice note.

While the boys played the Links at Spanish Bay, Anne and I indulged in much needed spa-ahhhhing at Spa on the Plaza at the Portola Hotel & Spa. It was great and I love the Pevonia products forced on me.

Harbor seals and sea lions were everywhere and you could hear them all night long.

We ate dinner at the most adorable place in Carmel called Casanova's. (It's 10 minute drive from Monterey to Carmel.)

It's a little house converted with several small dining rooms. We ate in the Milagro Room below.

Their coffee service was perfect. I almost five-finger discounted the mini cruet with creamer. Too cute!

We spent our last morning/afternoon on the peninsula driving the 17-mile loop and walking around Carmel. Great shops...I picked up a beautiful apron with my monogram from a French linens store called Jan de Luz. And then I spotted this...

The Nook, a tea and sandwich shop just down the street and right out of a Grimm's fairy tale.

On to Sonoma...

Oh, and I am seeking permission from Anne & Lee to publish pictures of them from the trip. Because people in pictures are just more interesting. As you might suspect, the News Readin' Husband cannot be pictured. Otherwise, I'll have to pony up 4% to his agent. (Yes, he has an agent.)

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