Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Saving money on group therapy...

Apparently, my catalog habit was thinly veiled in my last post.
Preppy Pink Crocodile inquired about my lesser-known catalog favorites.

A few things ran through my mind when I read her comment:
1) Someone is reading?
2) Someone is reading.
3) Did she just ask about catalogs? Kindred spirit. Hmm...Strong potential as blogging BFF.
4) Where do I even start?

I ripped through my stacks and decided to focus on the ones I thought may not enjoy such wide circulation and represent what I am obsessing over these days: Autumn, hunting wear and going home to New York.

(Note: I do not hunt but love the gear that goes along with the activity.)

Here are my highlights:

Traditional New England. The tartan scarves are perfection.

American, manly and the Colonel Can Caddies (pictured above) make great gifts.


The most beautiful Colorado family has assembled fabulous mountain attire and accessories.

Shotgun weather vane. Need I say more? It makes me want to own a hunting lodge somewhere.

The original Buffalo Check shirt! The civil war blankets are pretty cool, too.

New York, New York

A New York landmark. I used to walk by the store everyday on my way to work. (sigh)

When Mr. News Readin' pushes Brian Williams out of that chair - it will mean matching leather traveling cases for yours truly. For now, we'll have to live with the canvas garment bag.

If it's good enough for the Queen, I'm pretty sure they can do our serious stationery.
Love the little pocket notebooks. I have one that says "Enemies, Friends & Lovers."

MoMA Store
Great hipster wedding or baby shower gifts. It doesn't fit into the scheme of the News Readin' house, but we can appreciate innovative design.

Putter's Pick

This is our Yellow Lab, Putter. She's five and exhibits sophisticated taste.
She's thinking about Warhol-ing her image for above her food bowl.

Auction house catalog subscriptions contribute considerably to my "problem."

Currently, jewelry and watch catalogs from Sotheby's (New York and Geneva), Christie's New York and Phillips, find their way into our mailbox. And should I even mention the three smaller auction houses that act as my "uppers" in between the big three's sales? No, for fear I'll be forced to attend some meeting and have to burn them all or worse yet - gasp - rip pages out.

Mr. News Readin' wanted know if I was going to include this gem that arrived today:

Sure. Just for him.

But, only because they are offering free shipping.

Stay tuned: next week we'll cover beauty, home decor and culinary delights.

Thanks for inquiring Preppy Pink Crocodile! Would love to know what your favorites are...

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Happy Homemaker said...

So good! Whenever Mr. HH and I end up soming to stay with you, I look forward to these waiting for me in the guest room... minus the Playboy..