Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Desktop Decor

In the News Readin' house we struggle with copious amounts of paper, bills, catalogs, etc. I feel like I finally recycle a stack of magazines and newspaper and we're inundated again. Mind you, I don't take any responsibility for this siege of the paper-kind.

What is it you ask?...Yes, I subscribe to six magazines. Yes, I get catalogs from all corners of the globe. (Something about ripping into a big hulking envelope that's stamped par avion for Madame News Readin'...just makes squeal with glee!) And yes, I elected to keep getting paper copies of my 401K statements. Sue me for not going green. But, Mr. News Readin' keeps the envelopes that enclose our bills. Yatzee. There's our culprit.

In the work place, I'm color coded and label maker'd to the hilt. But still, I am overrun with paper. Maybe if I had file folders that were interesting - not just primary colors - I might be more inclined to file away like a happy little intern. Like these:

But truthfully, I just want to start throwing these around the office to see if anyone even notices:

For the home, I may get all girly on ya' and go this route:


Although, I do love me some animal print...

Ballard Designs

We'll probably end up with these so that Mr. News Readin' will be able to keep it all straight:

Oh, and this little segment on Desktop Decor is sponsored by Billable Hours - when doing work just isn't enough to fill your 8-hour day.

Reporting live from the paper-filled trenches,
Mrs. News Readin'


Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Please share some of your less-well-known favorite catalogs! I too LOVE catalogs and magazines and am always looking for something new.

Happy Homemaker said...

Love this post... you know Mr. HH and if I showed him this, he'd be likely to get all hot and bothered...