Monday, September 15, 2008

Confessions of News Readin' Wife

You know you're a bad News Readin' Wife when this happens...

Picture it - the copy room - 9:30 am

Co-worker: Saw your husband last night. He had on a great looking tie.

Mrs. News Readin': Oh, you did? Where?

Co-worker: On the news. (Awkward pause) You did know that's where he was last night.

Mrs. News Readin': Of course - the news. Right. Thanks for watching. (nervous laugh)


Just some notes on that little performance:
  • She thought she was letting the cat out of the he's been moonlighting and I had no idea. Oy.
  • Now she thinks we have some weird open marriage, live separate lives and only attend high profile events together.
  • Wait. We don't go to high profile events.
  • WTF. Why would I thank her for watching?! Sometimes I'm so awkward. Ugh.

And for the record, yes I did know where he was last night. I watched the 6:00 pm newscast.

I just always forget that other people can see him in the magic box, too.

But not a clue as to what tie he was wearing...damn. I need to be a better News Readin' Wife.


Hilary said...
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Hilary said...
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Hilary said...

Yes you are awkward and yes you need to be a better N.R.W.

Me said...

Thank you for sending me the correct address for that blog :)

Also, I used to babysit for an anchorman when I was a kid. He was on the local news. I thought I was so cool.

Happy Homemaker said...

I would have said the exact same thing... and I'm also awkward.

But (here is where I try to defend the awkwardness) I also don't ASS-u-me things... because we ALL know what that does!

Legallyblondemel said...

I always feel like I say the wrong thing in those situations too, although I think you're justified here. That's a kinda lame, snarky thing for your co-worker to say, "You do know that's where Mr. News Reader was . . ." etc., so I don't blame you for feeling put off your game.