Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Local Celebrity Watch 2008

While walking the dog last night, Mr. News Readin' was mobbed by throngs of adoring fans.

Not really.

But it sure sounded that way in his version of the story.

Thank God, Putter was there and told me what really went down.

An older woman that lives on our street stopped Mr. News Readin' to tell him how much she enjoys watching him. (His fan base tends to be female and skews in age range from retiree to God's sister.) Apparently, she watches ALL THE TIME. Guess who doesn't?

Guilty. Sorreee. I have a job and all she has is a beautifully maintained lawn and Wheel of Fortune. She should be watching local news. Who else is home at 5:00 pm and can actually just sit there and listen to stories about rain and its affects on local pumpkin farmers? Oh, and who actually cares about the rain and local pumkin farmers. Exactly.

More at 11.

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