Thursday, September 11, 2008

Moving Milestones

Mr. News Readin' and I have officially been residents of City K for one year. When you pull up stakes often, the year marker is a big one.

Shall we take stock of our first full year of home ownership, not having to drive a half an hour to a Target and living in a real city, with a real downtown and buildings taller than six stories? Mmm...yes...let's!

Friends: 4
We are holding strong with two sets of couples that are our friends. One couple we actually purchased are house from, so I'm not sure they count. They were almost forced into friendship. The other couple likes to drink. We like them alot.

Rooms in our home considered finished: 1
Damn this work in progress thing! I was hoping to have this place ELLE Decor ready in six months...oh well.

Neighbors who hate us: 1
She called animal control on our Yellow Lab for loud barking - three months after moving-in. Welcome to the neighborhood! The investigating officer laughed her ass off when she saw the "potentially dangerous" canine on premises. (She might lick you to death, but vicious - puh-lease.)

Times I've said, "we just moved here" to
explain my lack of geography knowledge: 1,076
I don't know where the old library is - so please don't use that as your primary reference with directions. I don't even know where the new library is! But if it's near Chick Fil A, I know exactly how to find it.

Months spent saying Mr. News Readin' worked at a different station: 4
I got confused. Okay?! It happens. The old Ch. 13 is the new Ch. 6, but if you have Charter it's Ch. get the picture.

Times I've been asked if I'm kin to Mr. News Readin': 62
Seriously? Kin? Let's go ahead and update that for ya'...related. There ya' go. Yes, related.

There's our one year re-cap. Two more years to go on Mr. News Readin's contract and then it's move over Brian Williams there's a new purple power tie-wearing anchorman in town.

Stay tuned.

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Happy Homemaker said...

So funny! Congrats on your one-year mark! You should show these ladies pictures of your one finished room! It's "right nice."