Thursday, December 11, 2008

Do it Yourself Segment with the Anchorman

When the News Readin' husband and I bought our current abode in City K, I had mixed emotions. Of course very excited about our first little house, but I was secretly terrified about maintaining it.

You see, dear reader, Mr. News Readin' is not what we call handy and well, my skill level is remedial - at best.

Recently this was called to my attention when I asked him to check the legs on a cheapy table (a holdover from his bachelor life), as the whole thing seemed to be tilting and giving me a case of vertigo.

He flipped the table over, broke out our little tool bin and rolled up his Thomas Pink sleeves. My heart fluttered watching my handi-less husband attempting handy.

Following five solid minutes of huffing and puffing through some bolt/screw tightening, he declared, "We need a special tool...something with a flat head and six sides. A regular screwdriver just doesn't fit."

I'm my infinite handy wisdom reply, "Oh, an Allen wrench. We should have a few in the bin."

"No, no. Not a wrench."

"Yes, an Allen wrench - know..."

Showing rarely seen frustration - he tersely replied, "Not a damn wrench."

Hmmph. So, I dig through our bin and find two different sized Allen wrenches.

"That would work. Those are wrenches? That's ridiculous," he proclaimed.

Good gracious. We're in trouble...we just need go ahead put a handyman on retainer.

Just to review - he is a helluva News Reader, snappy dresser and patient husband. If handy is the thing I sacrificed in marrying him, I have nothing to complain about...

Noooo, I don't want a new dishwasher for Christmas. How transparent can one be!
(I just want one in general.)

In our next Do it Yourself Segment, we'll review how NOT to bankroll your plumber's boat.
Stay tuned.

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Legallyblondemel said...

Just wanted to jump in and say how Thomas Pink shirts make my heart go a-flutter. And how darling it is to see professional-type husbands attempting handiwork - much, I imagine, like how cute I look attempting to "cook".