Friday, December 12, 2008

The $750 Folding Chair. Really.

A few months back friends of ours hosted a very nice fall gathering prior to a football game. I cannot bring myself to call it a tailgate, because well - they were using the most fabulous chairs.

Chairs? The chairs made the difference?
Yes, dear reader, the chairs made all the difference.

I give you THE CHAIR...also known as the Roorkhee Chair from F. M. Allen in New York.

English mahogany military campaign chairs. Perfect for that safari you're planning or as we experienced, standing around in a parking lot playing cornhole and drinking sweet tea vodka.

Mr. News Readin' was blown away by these beauties. But, just to put that in perspective - he was also blown away by the chicken biscuits at the same tailgate. Go figure.

I thought I might surprise him with two for Christmas. Frankly, they are nice enough to have stashed in the front hall closet when those who fail to understand the meaning of RSVP, show up for the low country boil. (No bitterness here...) Easily stowed in a handy, dandy drawstring pouch. Perfect!

What I failed to consider was the price tag that might accompany such a piece or pieces.

The $750 price tag - to be exact.

Did you hear that? That is the sound of the purchase of the Roorkhee Chairs coming to screeching halt.

Ummm...hello. I have to assemble it. $750? Come on.

Maybe one day, we'll have an amazing adventure in Botswana -perched in our Roorkhee chairs.

But this year I'm going with Plan B Chair:

$39.99 with an insulated cup holder. I also think it's much more complimentary to cornhole, sweet tea vodka and chicken biscuits.

More at 11.


The Mrs. said...

Pure fanciness!!!! Love it!

Legallyblondemel said...

Those chairs are flat gorgeous, but for $750 a piece, it's money better stashed away in the Vintage Birkin fund.

Besides, I've never judged a tailgate or boil by the quality of the seats; it's really the eats, drinks, and access to a quality (or at least not actively putrid) powder room that sets a tailgate apart to me.

Simply Stitched said...


SouthernAccent said...

750? Are you kiding me??? That is so crazy! I think there's a market out there for nice-looking folding chairs at a better price point!