Sunday, December 21, 2008

Holiday card recap

Just in case you were wondering...(Don't worry. I know you weren't.)

Being that we couldn't rustle up any children for our holiday card picture, we went in a new direction this year.

Holiday Ivy Pattern Red from Iomoi

I love most of Iomoi's design work. Fun colors - very Hollywood Regency with a preppy flair.

Have to tell you though, I was fairly disappointed in the weight of the stock. Additionally the envelopes were slightly larger than the card and were printed with a cream and brown Iomoi logo design interior. (Sort of clashed with the pattern of the card.)

If I had read the full description, I probably could have saved myself the Debbie Downer moment. Oh well. The upside is I only did a limited quantity.

Because after we snapped this beauty of Putter - there was no way she wasn't getting a photo card!

Mr. News Readin' insisted that Smug Marrieds with children were to receive the non-picture card, except for family. All others received the Shutterfly special of us and the gorgeous creature you see above. (Please do not let Sneaky Kitty know she did not make the cut for the Christmas card...she's vindictive and I like my furniture.)

Now I have an excel sheet with 120 names on two different worksheets for picture and non-picture recipients. Seriously. Because life is not complicated enough.

They made it into the mail - hand addressed, all personalized and with a stamp lovingly adhered by Mr. News Readin'. What a good elf.

My good elf has informed me that under no circumstances will we be sending a picture card without children next year.

Hmmm...That might explain all the mistletoe he's hung around the house.

More at 11.


Ned said...

Somebody better get busy!

a. @ coterie said...

I love their designs but have been disappointed with Iomoi and their customer service in the past. I do LOVE the photo of putter - stunningly regal!

Anonymous said...
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The Wife said...

I am married but, with two children, not so smug! Love the picture of your dog - so diginified!

KHE said...

I love your blog too. I can't remember how I found it, but I read it frequently. You are a very witty writer. Love the dog picture. Tell your husband that infants don't photograph well, and that you should stick with handsome pets. I, too, have a very complicated and tiered christmas card process, which my husband finds petty and ridiculous. But seriously, does every weird relative need a beautiful card with a picture on it? I think not. I used to have a blog, but I had to give it up for many reasons, so you can't find me there, but if we lived in the same town I would certainly want to be your pal. Good luck with the new year's challenge.

Legallyblondemel said...

Love that card pattern, but I hear you on the paper weight. It's much of why my AmEx & I return to Crane & Co. time and again.

Darling pic of your lab!

Happy Homemaker said...

1. I loved my Christmas card from you but Mr. HH is bitter that we didn't get a picture... though I think that picture of Putter could win an award, Mr. HH looks forward to your annual shot of you *marrieds* in front of a city-of-the-year sign of your choosing.

2. No need for me to request to be switched to the other list, though, because it sounds like the you guys are gettin' busy!! YAY!!

3. Is Susan a person or a company? Afraid to click on her website.

4. Funny enough, KHE is one of my neighbors!