Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Special Report: Paying It Forward

(I know...I know...But, it deserves a repeat performance. I love the oval!)

Thank you, thank you to the special bloggers who decided to Pay It Forward!

It was a pleasure reading their most cherished holiday memories and traditions.
Here is a sampling from the first four commenters.

A. over at Coterie:
"In the spirit of paying it forward, when we got older, we, as a family, would adopt a family who couldn't afford Christmas gifts. We still do it and knowing that a family who otherwise wouldn't have a Christmas always feels really good!"

Mamacita over at What Would Jane Austen Do?:
" I really like the end of the Christmas Eve service at church, when the congregation sings "Silent Night" a capella and passes the light from one candle to the next until the whole room is lit."

Legally Blond Mel over at I Pick Pretty:
"My favorite Christmas memory also involves Christmas Eve services. For the past few years, I've gone with my best friend, her parents, and my husband, and something about that arrangement feels like home. The incense, the candles, trying not to laugh at the crotchety old priest's inadvertent references to "adult" materials . . . love all of it."

The Lawyer's Wife over at The Pink Clutch:
"My favorite tradition would be the Christmas pajamas I always received on Christmas Eve ... I always got to hunt for that one package labeled "Open Me Now!". Now I get to see my three babies do the same thing ... it is so cute to see them be able to find their names and that one special tag ...And there is nothing better than opening my own Christmas pajamas from my mom who still spoils me! The most amazing part ... they are washed and smelling of Gain ..."

Note to the Lawyer's Wife: Does your mom travel? I could use some fresh smelling jammies around these parts. No need to go through the trouble of tagging, wrapping, etc. I can fake surprise like nobody's business...I do it every month when the credit card bill arrives.

Honorable mentions go to The. Mrs over on the West Coast - One Fabulous Mom, Beth from Just Ask Beth and Kim aka The Real Housewife of Rutherford County.

Our first four have a holiday favorite of yours truly in their near future and...'tis the season so our honorable mentions are getting some sugar, too!

Now remember...go forth and Pay It Forward!

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.


The Mrs. said...

Thanks for the honorable mention. I'm honored to be mentioned!!! LOL

a. @ coterie said...

Aw thanks! I will have to think of a good Pay it Forward this week!

Have a merry and a happy :-)