Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Buffalo Check Beauty

Buffalo check warms my heart.

There was a moment when I wanted to have a Christmas wedding and my bridesmaids to wear red and black buffalo check skirts.

Fear not. We got married in September and no one was forced to look like the bride of Elmer Fudd for my amusement. It was just an idea...

Had I seen this little piece of gorgeous, we would have toasted nuptial egg nog and six lucky ladies would have made Woolrich's way proud.

If only I had fabulously festive affair to attend this holiday season that would warrant such a display. (sigh) Although, not sure if I could pull this off without looking like a Braveheart extra or worse - someone who actually eats. Ahem.

Miss Bush: That bag obviously does not hold your FEED. look like a bobble head doll. Get a meal in, dear. Life is much more enjoyable satiated. Promise.

But, j'adore your horsebit belt. Would make for a lovely bracelet.

In awe of your buffalo check-ness,

Mrs. News Readin'


The Mrs. said...

Je t'aime Buffalo check as well and despite her bobble head the dress is fabulous. Maybe she could drink a steak shake.

just a girl... said...

super cute, I posted and I can't wait for you to get your package.