Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Partying like it's 1998...literally.

Mr. News Readin' had a humdinger of a 21st birthday bash in the backyard of his parents abode, complete with a beer truck and a kick-ass band from Virginia Beach, the Right On Band.

They played everything from Motown to '70s and '80s and they put on a phenomenal show. That was 1998 and I still remember dancing my ass off and hijacking the tambourine. (Yes. I was that girl - that night.)

We saw them again recently at our college's alumni weekend aka Frat Fest. Again, great show.

Apparently someone at Fox News is also interested in dancing their ass off and hijacking a tambourine from a big bosomed, boa wearing lead singer.

They're performing at Fox's U Party 2009 hosted by Megyn Kelly (Mr. News Readin's Plan B) and Bill Hemmer (the guy CNN told "thanks for the good times" in 2005) from 10pm to 1 am tonight.

Who knew!? From a backyard, beer-drenched throwdown to the world's largest New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square in a decade. Not bad. Not bad, at all.

This makes me think that come his 40th birthday, we are more likely to secure the beer truck than the Right On Band.

Guess I'll have to bring my own tambourine.

Happy New Year from the Breaking News Team!


Ned said...

Oh we danced ourselves silly too!(with the kids too!) They were in VA B this summer and we all jumped on bikes and rode to the show. I posted about it...I think. LOVE THEM!

Ned said...

July 16th post...

Legallyblondemel said...

Wow - that sounds like a fantastic party. None of my early 20s shenanigans involved the tambourine, and I think they are the poorer for it.