Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election '08 Hangover

Election night for media is like New Year's Eve, Christmas and prom all rolled into one crazy, exhilarating night.

Mr. News Readin', being a hard hitting political reporter, spent the night doing live cut-ins from City K's GOP headquarters at the Crown Plaza - well past midnight.

It turned out to be a good night for Republicans (around these parts) and the Johnnie Walker was flowing, but our poor reporter was on the clock and unable to partake.

Until - he finished his last live shot. Then he borrowed $10.00 from the head investigative know the guy people call after their contractor bails and the new toilet is in the den...and Mr. News Readin' enjoyed a JW on the rocks to celebrate a job well done.

Speaking of drinking for a good reason - two counties in this fine state are no longer dry. Phew! Flasking it to Chili's was getting old.

To the amazement (read: disgust) of yours truly, after working late he loves a snack usually reserved for football watching. Which explains what greeted me this morning as I grabbed milk for my coffee:

Not sure how he doesn't replenish toothpaste, but he'll make a pit stop after working a 14 hr. day to enjoy this on the couch with a couple bottles of the king. Real mystery.

Oh, and this bad boy:

Business in the front and apparently (Democratic) party in the back.
Classic. Fear not, no partisan reporting here...he also scored four McCain/Palin buttons that are just not as funny. (Guess the Republican mullets weren't as organized.)

More at 11.


Legallyblondemel said...

Oh, how I laughed at ". . . apparently (Democratic) party in the back." Great one.

PS - I vote for the DVF dress above, but they are all gorgeous! I miss shopping with my grandmother for holiday dresses too . . .

Happy Homemaker said...

I cracked up at the same part *mel* did- too funny!