Wednesday, November 12, 2008

When bad ideas happen to good people.

Wedding montage videos make me - in a word - nauseous.

It starts off as a sweet sentiment, but let's not kid ourselves. Aside from the bride and groom's parents, no other guests care.

The very least one can do is keep it to a limited viewing at the rehearsal dinner or pre-wedding day festivities.

This video below should have been kept a secret - like identity of Deep Throat - type secret.

My friend attended a wedding where the below video was shown. I have it on good authority that the bride's family thought this video was so brilliant it would have been wasted on the rehearsal dinner crowd, so they showed it to the 300+ guests at the reception.
(Wonder if they are re-thinking that move?)

A few things to note:

1) This is not a joke.
2) If you are going to do something like this - know the words.
3) She must be new to the world of "receptionist" long the hands.

Now it's on YouTube and the whole world will know that they hooked pinkies.
Those are some tough first steps for any marriage...

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The Doctor's Wife said...

Mother of God. How do two people THAT crazy actually end up TOGETHER? Kismet.

cornnut32 said...

oh my goodness. that is...just...priceless.

at least they will be able to share their joy with the entire world via youtube, right?

i admit, we did a photo montage at our wedding. but it was in a corner at the reception site and anyone who wanted to watch, could. we didn't force it upon our poor guests.

Anonymous said...