Thursday, November 6, 2008

Holiday Frock Watch 2008

Call me girly - childish - even silly - just don't call me after the open bar ends.
(Sorry. I couldn't resist.)

I like getting a Christmas dress. Growing up, on the Saturday after Thanksgiving my grandmother would take me shopping for a Christmas dress. We would have lunch and spend all day trying on pretty, frilly dresses. Without fail, I always ended up with something that had a velvet sash, peter pan collar and was never very frilly. (At the end of the day, what grandma says - goes.) Those were the days...

So, every November I start hunting for a cute holiday dress. The dress needs to be somewhat versatile based on array of audiences and venues. (Sometimes crossing state lines to drink egg nog and hang with friends has an upside.) True story. Last year we were invited to more out of town holiday parties, than in town.

I'm sorry...what was that? Yes, we are that freakin' fun and friendless in the city where we currently reside. Their loss.

The search has begun a little early this year due to retailers forcing Friends & Family discounts, Free Shipping and all the commercialized glory of the holidays on us a wee bit early.

Note: this dress will also serve as my Christmas Eve dinner dress. This year, being the in-laws turn to put up with me for three days, will require a fancy frock.

In the running are:

The Nanette green dress may make me look like I should be standing next to an impostor Santa handing out candy canes. Hmmm...maybe a leetle too holiday.

The black and white BCBG is in the lead, although I L-O-V-E the color of the DVF.
If it only had a peter pan collar...

We now return to our regularly scheduled program.


a. said...

I love the BCBG!

Hilary said...

Vivenne Tam or BCBG! You are all torso so you can pull of the BCBG!

The Doctor's Wife said...

I love the first three, but for you I think I like the bcbg best. So adorable!

Happy Homemaker said...

You know I like the first on best.

The Preppy Wedding said...

Tried on the bcbg in NYC, it is beautiful on. Go buy it!

Love your site.