Tuesday, November 18, 2008


What would Brian Williams eat?

If you believe his interview in Parade this past weekend, he eats Arby's, Cinnabon and Cracker Barrel. And other sundry Food Court anchors...Wok-n-Roll perhaps?

Yikes. Embarrassing. Whoever his publicist is should be dismissed. Stat.

We all know how much the News Readin's love a little BW. But, are we really supposed to believe that fair Brian frequents the Food Court or better...Arby's? (Note to non-Northerners...there isn't a Cracker Barrel, Waffle House or Arby's in Manhattan.)

Brian inhabits a rather swanky pad at a very tony address in New York. His neighborhood restaurant is Le Cirque. That's not an exaggeration. Le Cirque is located on the ground floor of BW's building. You can read all about it being "better than having an Applebee's in the lobby," according to Brian, here.

Let me guess, you're favorite meal at Waffle House is waffles.

Briiiaaannn...the answer is grilled cheese and hash browns - smothered and covered. And Arby's over Chick Fil A?! Blasphemous.

So, let's recap B-Dub. Comparing Cinnabon to crack is bad for business- yours and theirs. (I agree with the comparison...just sayin') Posing with pizza on the cover of Parade reeks of phony.

Stick to rockin' the purple power tie, going heavy on the self tanner, humorous banter on late night talk shows and being a good news reader. Although, if you keep up the pr missteps that chair might be empty sooner rather than later.

And that's good for the News Readin's business. Hmm...err...keep up the good work B-Dub.

Mrs. News Readin'


a. said...

I am somewhat of a BW fan myself

Legallyblondemel said...

I'm with you, and I'll take it a step further and say I'm not sure I want my news media elite slobbing around my Chik-Fil-A (completely superior, as you noted).

PS - I'm a Stone Phillips fan myself, and not only due to his delightful name.

just a girl... said...

Swappy Swap Time!