Friday, November 28, 2008

The Yankees are coming

The Yankees have in fact, already breached the City K limits...

My parents arrived on Wednesday evening to celebrate Thanksgiving below the Mason-Dixon with me, Mr. News Readin', Putter and Pearl. My younger brother, otherwise known as The Prince, arrived Thursday morning.

This is my family's first trip to City K and I'm not sure what they were expecting.

More than once my mother asked if we had a department store. Ummm...yes. We actually have two malls with a couple of different ones. A Bloomingdale's? No. Ya' got me! City K minus five points in mom's book.

My father quizzed Mr. News Readin' incessantly about our house. Do we have termites? What was the pressure of our gas line? And the holiday highlight - what do you pay in city taxes? However, he was very impressed with the close proximity of public parking to our downtown area. City K picks up five point from Dad.

In a stunning turn of events, City K was deducted ten points when my father got lost going through a detour for some interstate construction. He said there were no signs. (Then how did he know it was a detour...hmmm???)

The Prince enjoyed our temperatures in the mid-50's and even pounded out a three-mile run in a t-shirt and shorts. He became downright giddy when he saw gas for $1.61 a gallon. City K earns five points.

I'm not positive - but I think they were surprised that our floors weren't dirt and our neighbors didn't have a pop-up camper parked on the front lawn. If only I had picked up some moonshine for an after dinner drink...just to lend the trip some sort of stereotypical authenticity.

T-minus 12 hours until everyone makes their way back to the Empire State, leaving Mr. News Readin' and I to bask once again in our solitary Southern serenity.

Dinner was great. Loved having y'all.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and is recovering nicely from any stuffing induced hangovers!

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Toad said...

Isn't it wonderful when the guests leave?