Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Honoring those who serve

Today we honor the many who have served and are serving this country, protecting and preserving our rights.

A few months ago I became involved with an incredible program called Honor Air. It flies WWII veterans and a loved one to Washington D.C. to visit the WWII Memorial at no cost to the veterans or their families. Most are men in their 80's, who went off to war as boys (practically) and without this organization, might never have the opportunity to visit this national memorial built in their honor. For a more detailed history click here.

Honor Air provides this experience only through the generous donations of corporations and individuals. I simply cannot put into words the joy and excitement of these service men, some in wheelchairs or on oxygen, boarding a commercial flight surrounded by throngs of cheering people waiving American flags. It brings tears to my eyes.

Being saluted as they board.

A hero's welcome in D.C.

Posing for pictures at the WWII Memorial.

Many cities have localized Honor Air programs, and I encourage you to check them out. Monetary donations are helpful but there are other ways to support this program. Encourage your local news organizations to cover the flight. See how you can volunteer to help their efforts - picking up a participating veteran and transporting them to the airport or waiving a flag in their honor as they touchdown back home.

These members of the greatest generation are pristine role models to both civilian Americans and those who currently stand tall under our flag keeping us safe.

God bless them all. We are eternally grateful for their service.


Hilary said...

That is probably one of the BEST programs you could be involved with and I salute you. I welled up reading about it and I will most definitely look into myself.

Happy Homemaker said...

What a wonderful organization! Good for you!

Legallyblondemel said...

Wow, what an incredible program! I will look into it myself. Well done you for being involved.