Sunday, November 23, 2008

One gift down. Thirty to go.

It's fairly easy to find a Christmas gift for Mr. News Readin'. He will always be in need of additional:

dress shirts
pocket squares
festive pants for UGA game days

In short, he enjoys gear. Problem...when whisking off for a weekend to Athens or elsewhere with all this gear, he carries about 25 items on hangers without a garment bag. It drives me insane. For long distance traveling he has luggage - but that's an aggressive approach for a few hours in the car.

This year for Christmas we've decided on one "big" gift and then maybe something for the News Readin' abode.

Guess who is getting a garment bag?

Here are a few options:

The T. Anthony comes in a few different colors and can be monogrammed, making it my first choice. The Colonel on the other hand, never disappoints and can be personalized with a small engraved brass plate. Love that!

Do you think he'll be disappointed when there isn't a massive high definition flat screen under the tree?

Oh, good! Neither do I...

More at 11.

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a. said...

Mulholland is great for men's gifts. I love T. Anthony as well!